Monday, January 14, 2008

9AM - La Cruz de Elota.
This morning we are heading south out of the City of Culiacán, for the mysterious and unknown, La Cruz de Elota! MsTioga and The Team do not know anything about this place, and are sooooooo anxious to search for adventure there!

12:30PM - Boondocked!
We are traveling toward La Cruz de Elota on the toll road [cuota]. This part of the road is very straight and goes thru miles and miles of farm land. We decided to take a short driving break, and found this boondock site! Mr. DeLorme believes that this is our very first boondock, since entering Mexico in December. Wow!

A little creek flows by in front of MsTioga. There are many different kinds of birds and ducks in this creek. Little Mavicito wanted to take pics of these birds, but when he got close, the birds flew away!
Our first boondock in Mexico.

1PM - La Policía!
The Policía paid us a visit at our boondock site! A bunch of them too! Even a commandante and a lieutenant! Wow! They were very polite. They looked MsTioga over. Wanted to know where I was going, when I arrived and if there was anything wrong.

Little Mavicito took a pic of the Policía as they drove away. Policía do not like their pic taken so we were careful they did not see!
La Policía protecting The Team.

2:30PM - Where is La Cruz de Elota?
We did not know that we were in La Cruz de Elota, because we thought that we were looking for a thing, not a pueblo. Maybe we were looking for a church, or a plaza?

We asked a man who owned a little key shop. "Where is La Cruz de Elota?", we asked. The man replied, "Todo el pueblo es La Cruz de Elota!" ["The whole pueblo is La Cruz de Elota!] Wow!
The church in the plaza of La Cruz de Elota.

6PM - Fousie Roundo makes another VR!
Our good old Fousie Roundo VR camera did it again! Made a nice "roundo" of the Plaza in La Cruz de Elota!

Click the pic below, to see where we are in VR Fousie Magic!

Note: There is a reason we call our VR camera, "Fousie Magic". Not only did our friend and Reader Mike Fousie donate the camera to us, but he hung in with us with emails, while we groped our way into understanding how to make these VRs.

Thank you sooooooo much, Mike Fousie!

7PM - Making Mexican food in Mexico!
It may seem strange for us on The Team to love to prepare Mexican food in MsTioga's kitchen. Especially when we are in a pueblo such as La Cruz de Elota, where there are taco stands only a few feet away.

However, our food is sooooooo good! Below is a pic of our chicken tacos. Inside is fried chicken, cheddar cheese, onion and refried beans. Before eating these tacos, fresh guacamole and our own special salsa is added. Man-O-Man!
Tacos from MsTioga's kitchen!


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