Thursday, January 03, 2008

9AM - Tour along the canyon rim!
This morning we tour the rim of the Barrancas [Canyons]. The González family that we met yesterday, went on this tour too. We climbed on to the hotel's bus, and drove around looking at the marvelous canyon views.

There is a place where people may stand on a large rock that actually moves a little. That rock is behind Jorge, in the pic below.
Jorge at Mirador Piedra Volada [moving rock].

There are many places where visitors may go very close to the edge of the canyon. For some, this is sooooooo scary! In the pic below, the González family is on their stomachs looking into the depths of the canyon. All except Mauricio, Jr., who is sooooo courageous!
González family looking at the canyon.

Barranca del Cobre [Copper Canyon].

1PM - El Chepe.
Just after lunch, it is time to catch the El Chepe railroad train back down to the Pueblo of El Fuerte, where MsTioga is waiting for us to return. The train ride takes six hours to get to El Fuerte

Late in the afternoon, Jorge went to the dining car and bought a Chicken Quesadilla. Two fried flour tortillas filled with roasted chicken and cheese.
El Chepe arrives to take us back to El Fuerte.

Sundown seen from our window on the Chepe train.


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