Friday, January 11, 2008

A little after Sunrise - Looking for fish.
Here on the Sea of Cortez, finding fish is life. No fish, no money. No fish, no life.

Little Mavicito and Jorge are on the beach. We see the big fishing boats, the pangas with a few men. And we see the birds. All them, looking for fish.


10AM - Leaving Playas Las Glorias.
We are heading out from our wonderful Camp at the beach of Las Glorias. We have seen a few RVs traveling on the palm tree lined road behind our Camp. So, we decided to go down this road to see where these RVs were going.

We found Mr. Moro's RV Resort and Hotel.

Here are some of the RV pads at Mr. Moro's.

12:30PM - City of Guamuchil.
We have arrived in the City of Guamuchil. On the way here we filled our propane tank. It is much easier to buy propane here in the Mainland of Mexico than in the USA. Many vehicles use propane, and propane stations are numerous.

We want to go grocery shopping, and have made an Afternoon Camp near a nice looking shopping center. There is a Leys Store inside. Leys is a large chain in Mexico.

4PM - The toll road is expensive?
MsTioga was worried about the toll roads. We actually took the free road twice since we entered Mexico last month in order to control toll expenses.

Ms. GQ just totaled up the amount of $money$ spent on tolls. $19.26 is all we spent! Wow!

7PM - Out on the Town in Guamuchil.
Little Mavicito and Jorge walked from our Camp toward downtown Guamuchil. Jorge needs a haircut, and came upon a tiny salon. The people in the salon were so friendly! We talked about a zillion things.

After the haircut, they suggested a nearby taqueria for supper. Perfect!
Two carne asada tacos for supper.


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