Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Very Special Day!

This day began as many others for us on the TiogaRV Team. We bought tortillas de harina to eat with breakfast at a tiny market in the Pueblo of San Cayetano. Then we continued on our journey.

We were looking for a place to make a Morning Camp, and we found a large valley. But events were to turn unexpected. Filled first with tragedy, then fantastic good fortune. We are telling what happened today differently than usual. More like a story than a chronology.

You may look at the maps below, to see where Señorita Tioga is Camped now. The story about how we got here may take a little while to prepare for you to read........

We came to a small paved road which headed south, and decided to take a peek. Soon we were able to see a large green valley below.

We were looking for a level place to make our Morning Camp. Señorita Tioga came to a field of sugar cane, and we decided to make a Camp there. However, this place was not very level, and we decided to move farther down into the valley.

That is when tragedy struck. Jorge drove Señorita Tioga into a culvert!

Señorita Tioga is seriously stuck!

We needed help. Up the road is a warehouse. We asked the lady in the office to phone for a tow truck. But there are no tow trucks available. The supervisor of the warehouse decided to use a fork lift to get Señorita Tioga out of the culvert.

All of the employees in the warehouse were helping with Señorita Tioga's rescue. They found large rocks in the field, and brought them to fill the culvert under Señorita Tioga's tires.

An older man arrived, who seemed to take charge. He also brought rocks to fill the culvert. This man is Cirilo Perez.

When there were enough rocks in the culvert, Cerilo shouted that it was OK to drive in reverse and out of the culvert. I put Señorita Tioga into reverse, and we were saved!

Some of the men asked me what I was going to do now? I told them that I would have to make a Camp right here, and make repairs. Several things were broken when I drove into the culvert!

Cerilo Perez told me that he owned a rancho near the palo verde trees, and he pointed down the valley. "Follow me to my rancho, and you may do your repairs there. And, you may stay there for as long as you like.", Cerilo told me.

El Rancho de Cirilo Perez.

I followed Cirilo's truck. Soon we entered a dirt road going past many fields of sugar cane. We went over a low place in the road and the broken generator box touched the ground. I raised the box up with my leg, and secured it temporarily in place with a clamp.

When we came to the rancho, I saw a small building, a corral with pigs and sheep, and a field where sugar cane is growing. Señorita Tioga is camped here now.
Ranchero Cirilo Perez.

Little Heaven.
Cirilo calls his place "Ranchito", meaning small rancho. I call it "Cielito Lindo", "Little Heaven." The Ranchito has everything. There are several fruit trees; lime, orange, banana, and my favorite, tangerine! And these tangerines are soooooo sweet! I've already eaten several of these tangerines!
Sweet tangerines!

Fixing broken stuff.
There are several things that are broken. The generator box that holds the little Honda, needs to be re-attached on one end. Mr. Levelers' front left jack is completely messed up, and will have to be removed to see what's what. Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank moved several inches, the latch of our big slide out drawer needs some attention. And finally, the driver's side aluminum step is a bit crumpled.

However, we are going to begin to do these repairs tomorrow. There is no hurry.
Jorge resting in la hamaca.


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