Sunday, February 24, 2008

5AM - Up early writing a story.
Reader Phil sent an email suggesting, "I'd like to see an article about your monthly budget." So, Ms. GQ and I have been up early having a good time writing this story.

8AM - Heading west.
Señorita Tioga and The Team, are heading west out of Pátzcuaro and searching for Adventure! Who knows what exciting things we may find as we travel down the roads of Mexico?

11AM - Does the pic below shock you?
The TiogaRV Team were very shocked, when we pulled into the City of Uruapan. We are only 19° above the equator. However, there is a Wal*Mart and Sam's Club here. Man-O-Man!
Wal*Mart in Ciudad de Uruapan.

1PM -You may bring a boid some veggies.
Boid is like human children. When it comes to veggies, they play with their food. However, when it comes to my food, that's a different story!

Boid is very aggressive. When Boid wants something, he goes after it. He fights me for my food. But Boid cannot have my shrimp!
Boid wanted my shrimp soooooo bad. Too bad, Boid!

2PM - Weather report.
Mr. Chips was talking to me about the weather here in City of Uruapan. During our trip this morning, we descended from about 7,000 feet to 5,000 feet here in Uruapan. It is 82°F in the shade here. In the middle of February! Can you imagine that?

4PM - Parque Nacional.
We have made our Nite Camp, close to what we believe is the Parque Nacional in the City of Uruapan. Reader Larry suggested going to visit the Village of Paricutin and the church that was covered by lava of the Volcano Paricutin. We are not sure whether to go to Paricutin or not.

In the neighborhood of our Camp, a lot of people are walking into the parque. Little Mavicito and I are going to take a walk to see what's what.

6PM - Supper at a taco stand.
Near the entrance to Parque Nacional, we were attracted to a taco stand where a lady was making tortillas. I watched her for awhile, then asked how she knew how many tortillas to make? She replied, "When there is no more masa, I am finished." Hmmmmm?

I decided to eat at this little taco stand and ordered a taco with pork meat. It came in a chili verde sauce and was very good. While I ate, the lady continued making tortillas. Little Mavicito made a movie of the tortillas, and was particularly interested in how every tortilla puffed up like a balloon.

I ordered another taco with beef steak in a red sauce, and it was very good too!
Taco stand near entrance to Parque Nacional.

Watch the video closely and see the tortillas puff up!

The creek.
On the way back to where Señorita Tioga was Camped, we passed a little creek with a bunch of ducks playing around. The creek was very beautiful.
A creek near Parque Nacional.

Little Boid out with the wild birds.
There are a ton of birds flying all over the place near our Camp. When we got back to Señorita Tioga, Little Boid was sooooooo excited with all the chirping birds outside.

Little Boid begged to go outside, so that he could see the other birds.
Little Boid outside chirping at the other birds.


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