Monday, February 25, 2008

5th Anniversary Tioga and George!

February 25, 2003
On this date in 2003, my doctor told me that my cancer was in remission. Right after leaving my doctor's office, I zoomed to the City of Manteca to pickup MsTioga.

From that day on, I never lived in my stick home again!
Tioga and George - April, 2003

Descending into Summertime!
Two days ago in Patzcuaro, we made our Camp at 7,000+ feet. Yesterday in Uruapan, our Camp was around 3,000 feet elevation.

When we headed south out of Uruapan this morning, there were no good street signs to be seen. So, we followed the our compass and headed south. Around mid-morning, we thought that we were heading to the City of Apatzingan, but we were wrong. We are now in the City of Gabriel Zamora, east of Apatzingan.

The elevation in Gabriel Zamora is about 2,000 feet. And it is warm here at mid-morning. 85°F warm. We have descended the latitudes and elevation into Summertime!

Ignorant of weather.

My first trip to the State of Montana with MsTioga surprised me. There were rain storms in Montana during the summer. It just never clicked in my brain until I actually experienced Montana in the summer, that it rains in that state all year long.

California boys like myself, don't know about rain in the summertime!

T-shirt and short pants weather!
Now that Señorita Tioga and I are experienced, we know that it is possible to live in T-shirt and short pants weather all year long.
Tioga and George in the middle of a Mexico February summer.

1pm to 6PM - Toll road to Zihuatanejo.
As we drove along the toll road, everybody on The Team had their eyes out looking for a place to make our Nite Camp. Toll roads pretty much bypass most of the towns, so we kept going toward the mysterious sounding Zihuatanejo!

We past thru three toll plazas, and paid $250 pesos [$25US] for all of the tolls. After one toll plaza, we found a parking area and a family there selling cold papaya juice. It was good!
The papaya juice came in plastic bag with a straw!

6PM - Pacific Ocean?
Little Mavicito was jumping around like a mad thing as we came close to seeing the Pacific Ocean. However, we were soooooooo surprised to find that the Pacific Ocean never showed. The Pacific must be over the rise of hills to the south.

We all expected to find Zihuatanejo looking like the final scene in "The Shawshank Redemption" where Tim Robbins is working on his beached boat as Morgan Freeman walks down the beach to meet him.
First look at Zihuatanejo! Wow!

7PM - Nite Camped.
We have made a Nite Camp in a residential section of Zihuatanejo. We are able to tell you that so far, this town looks like a zillion other large towns. Tons of traffic and narrow streets!

Tomorrow we will explore to see what's what!

8AM - Doña Aure Restaurant.
While I was scouting for our Nite Camp, there was a little restaurant that got my attention located just around the corner. So, I decided to go there for supper.

I began to talk to a fellow who was eating next to me. Soon a lady sat down across from me. This lady asked if I would be her agent in the United States because she wanted to work there! Can you imagine that?

It turned out that this lady owned this restaurant. But she had a fantasy idea of life in the United States. Her name is Aurelia and her husband is Salvadore. The three of us had a long talk about what life is like in the USA compared to Mexico.
Aurelia who owns Doña Aure Restaurant.

Salvadore, Aurelia's husband and partner.


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