Thursday, February 28, 2008

6:30AM – Heading out of Zihuatanejo.
We are heading southeast out of Zihuatanejo. What a time we had here! Jorge backed into a Ford Explorer! Mr. Datastorm died in Zihuatanejo. Man-O-Man! In the pic below is the $million$ peso view from our Camp above the Bay of Zihuatanejo. We spent two days at this Camp!
Jorge at our Zihuatanejo Camp.

7:30AM – Breakfast Camp.
Boid is getting pretty hungry, and when Boid is hungry he tells me. If he is in his cage as he is now, he looks right at me, tweets very loud and walks back and forth on his perch very fast! So, we stopped and made our Breakfast Camp.

As you may know, Boid has to find his seeds each morning. Today Boid's seeds were on my lap. After Boid found his seeds and ate a bit, we both sat down at the table and ate together.
Jorge and Boid eating breakfast together.

9:30AM - A jungle of coconut palms!
As we drove south, Little Mavicito noticed that the plants were changing. Especially the trees! There are tons of coconut palms growing here. These must be a major crop for the farms here.

Coconut Palms along the highway.

10:30AM – Camped next to Rita's Restaurant.
Señorita Tioga came to a place where the road is very close to the beach. This places is called Playa El Calvario. It is sooooooo beautiful. We drove a couple of hundred yards on a dirt road toward two restaurants on the beach. Rita owns one of these restaurants, and we asked her for permission to stay the nite.
Rita's Restaurant at Playa El Cavalario.

Of course Little Boid wanted to go outside immediately so that he could chirp at the sea birds!

Beach at our Camp at Rita's Restaurant.

2PM - Lunch at Rita's “Esmeralda” Restaurant.

Boid, Little Mavicito and I went over to Rita's for a fish dinner! I ordered quesadillas from the Para Empezar [To Begin] menu. Rita invited me into her kitchen to watch the quesadillas being prepared. I was very impressed that the she prepared fresh masa just for my order!

Rita preparing the masa for my quesadillas.

Boid eyeballing my quesadillas.

Boid really wants my garlic fish!

After lunch, resting on the restaurant's hammock.

6PM – Señorita Tioga at sundown.
It has been a gorgeous day! The sound of the waves pounding in, makes it very easy to sleep, and I've taken several naps. Boid has been free to fly around inside Señorita Tioga and has worn himself out tweeting at the seabirds.

Sundown at Playa El Calvario.


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