Friday, February 29, 2008

6:30AM - Tummy touch day!
Each morning, Boid has been making tremendous progress getting used to me. As you may see in the pic below, Boid is allowing me to touch his tummy!

Boid is soooooooo brave. He is not afraid of me at all. Wow!

PS: Boid wants you to know that he has a little orange cup inside his cage home with gravel and cuttlebone stuff. Some readers were worried about that!
Touching Boid's tummy.

10AM - Papanoa internet place.
We have found an internet cafe alongside the highway in the little town of Papanoa in the State of Guerrero.

We asked a ton of people where there was an internet place. And, we spent about an hour talking with some guys who gave directions. Everybody we met in Mexico, loves to talk to me about their visits to the USA.
Internet cafe is in the Farmacia.

1:30PM - What's it like in southern Mexico?
We are very close to the famous City of Acapulco. Readers have wondered what Mexico is like down here?

Well, as we drive south along the highway after leaving the City of Zihuatanejo,we have found that it looks a lot like the foothills of Southern California. However there are some things that are really different.

The coconut palm trees with their palm leaf branches waving in the breeze. That, is really different.

Also, it's a lot like the month of June right now, although it is February here. The Sun at noon is almost overhead. And it is T-shirt and short pants weather every day!

The highway here in the State of Guerrero is wonderful. Not pot holed or bumpy as it is in some other states of Mexico.

4PM - The car wash.
We made a deal at a car wash in the City of San Jerónimo, to have Señorita Tioga washed! Is this the first time that Señorita Tioga has had a car wash? Hmmmmmmm?

This wash cost $100 pesos [$10US].
Señorita Tioga at the car wash!

5PM - Nite Camped in San Jerónimo.
We have made our Nite Camp a few blocks away from the car wash in the City of San Jerónimo.

While walking around El Centro, we found a little Internet Cafe! So, we will be able to update our blog this evening. Pretty neat, huh?
Our Nite Camp in the City of San Jerónimo.


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