Friday, February 15, 2008

2AM to 8AM- Website was down!
But it is back online now, at 8AM!
Sometime early this morning, my website went down. I have been communicating for several hours with my web host at 1&1 to get the problem resolved.

Just after 8AM, my site came back online. Wow!

Boid the bird.
I'm trying to coax Boid to come out of his cage. Boid is very cautious, and careful. But Boid is very curious. I've clipped a piece of zucchini squash in his open doorway. So far, Boid is just looking. Maybe I've awakened Boid too early this morning?

We spent a nice Nite Camp at the southern edge of Guanajuato, along the Free Road. This morning our plan is to go closer in toward El Centro, then take a bus to El Centro and look around.

9AM - Bus to El Centro.
When Little Mavicito and I went to go to El Centro of the City of Guanajuato, immediately we saw busses going right down the street where we were camped. We flagged one down, and it stopped. There was a big sign on the front, "El Centro", it read.

We sat down next to a friendly lady who talked to us. Her name is Alejandra, and whe works at the university in El Centro doing accounting. Alejandra suggested that we get off at the same place where she gets off. Then, she will show us a nice place to go eat breakfast!
Alejandra and Jorge in El Centro.

The place that Alejandra suggested to eat breakfast was the Mercado Hidalgo [Hidalgo Market] which has tons of little places that sell stuff. Including many restaurants!
Entrance to Mercado Hidalgo.

I looked around at several little stalls with restaurants. One looked nice, and had a friendly lady in the kitchen. I bought four taquitos with chicken inside, and a Coca Cola!
Chicken taquitos for breakfast.

After breakfast, we walked around Mercado Hidalgo. This is a busy place. They sell many things here, but mostly food things.
Busy food stall.

Outside, it was even busier than inside Mercado Hidalgo.
Street scene in El Centro of Guanajuato.

Even large buses go into the tunnels of Guanajuato.
It is difficult to describe for you, how many tunnels there are that go underneath El Centro. Some tunnels are very long, perhaps even over a 1/4 mile long. Often, there are intersecting tunnels, and cars zip in from the sides. Driving here is an exercise in playing "chicken!"
Large bus goes into a tunnel underneath El Centro.

11:30AM - Trouble going home!
We walked a whole lot around downtown Guanajuato. I was getting tired, and wanted to go home and rest.
Downtown Guanajuato is BIG!

I asked for directions back to where Señorita Tioga was Camped. Nobody who I talked to seemed to understand where it was that I wanted to go! It was very puzzling.

I followed one person's directions which led nowhere. Then another, and another. Finally I stopped a bus and asked the driver, and he told me that he was going where I wanted to go.

Bus around the Panoramica.
However, this bus did not go back to Señorita Tioga. It went up into the hills above downtown Guanajuato. We were on the Panoramica, where we drove yesterday! Hmmmmm? The driver assured me that we would soon go where we wanted to go. But it was not to be!

Caught a taxi.
Finally, we got off that bus in downtown Guanajuato. Then, we found a taxi that was empty. Luckily, this taxi driver knew where Señorita Tioga's Camp was located, when I told him, "On the road to Silao, next to Restaurant Los Gauchos."

2PM - Back with Señorita Tioga.
When we got back to our Camp, both Little Mavicito and I were sooooooo happy. Even Boid looked happy to see us. Right now as I type this to you, Boid is happily jumping around his
cage. From the perch to the wall he goes. Then over to his food tray.

Boid's door is open, but he has not learned to go out yet. All in good time!
Little Mavicito captures a pic of Boid at his food tray.

5PM - González family.
Do you remember that we met the González family during our visit to Copper Canyon in January? [Link] We promised to get together with the family on our arrival here in the City of León.

Guess what? We just spoke with them on the phone! Edith and some of the family are coming to our Camp here in the City of Guanajuato! Señorita Tioga will follow them to their home in León.
González family inside Señorita Tioga.

Mauricio, Edith and their family.
We on the TiogaRV Team find really fascinating, the daily life of the González family.

Mauricio is a dentist here in the City of León. The tradition of the siesta in the culture of Mexico, means that Mauricio has time during his day, to be at home with Edith during their main meal in the early afternoon.

Son Machicho goes to school from 1PM to 8PM. This means that Machicho's day does NOT include watching TV and playing video games. Something that his Dad pointed out to me and obviously felt was a plus for Machicho's benefit.

9PM - Tacos Luna.
We all piled into the family car, and went to pick up Machicho at his school. Then went out for a meal at Tacos Luna!
González family at Tacos Luna!

Nite Camp Location