Friday, February 01, 2008

7AM - Strecho is a mean guy!
Yesterday afternoon I was working on repairing the damaged box that holds our Honda generator. I was on my back, sort of underneath Señorita Tioga, when Strecho the dog came over. I love dogs, and petted Strecho. But he went after me!

Strecho bit me on the forearm, and then on my upper arm. I hit him in the head with my fist, got up and went after him with a hammer. But mean Strecho was too fast for me, and he ran away.

Strecho ruined a good long sleeved shirt. I will not be treating Strecho kindly and petting him anymore!
Strecho-the mean dog slinks away!

Jorge's bites have healed pretty much.

9AM - A new lamb is born!
Edgar came over to where I was working on the generator box. "Do you want to see the new borregito? It was born only 1/2 hour ago."

If you look closely, you may see part of the umbilical cord still hanging from the borregito. The mom cleaned up the borregito pretty good, don't you think?
The new lamb.

The lamb already knows where food is kept!

1PM - Before and after.
In the pics below, you may see Señorita Tioga'a mud guard that was hurt in the accident when Jorge drove into the culvert last Wednesday morning.
Mud guard before.

Mud guard after.

3PM - Tomorrow is pig day.
There has been talk since I arrived here at Rancho de Tecolote, of killing and butchering one of the pigs. This afternoon, Cirilo talked to me about this.

He will kill the pig here at the ranchito, and do the butchering at his home in the Pueblo of Trigo Mill.

5PM - Three lambs were born!
I watched a mama sheep giving birth. When contractions came, she bared her teeth a little, but made no sound. She was pushing and pushing. Then came out two front feet! Cirilio went to help, and pulled gently on the feet. Out came the baby lamb.

A few minutes later, the second lamb came. And then a third! Man-O-Man!

As each baby was born, Cirilo cleaned off the face, and blew gently toward the nose. This is done to get the baby breathing. Just this morning, one lamb was born and was unable to clear its nose in order to breathe. Cirilo was not there to help this lamb start breathing, and it died!
Mama cleaning up the babies.


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