Friday, February 22, 2008

8AM - Finger training.
For the past two mornings, Boid has eaten his breakfast while standing on my finger. This morning when I held Boid's seed cup behind my finger, he jumped right on my finger and feasted for about ten minutes!

Then he flew up to the cabinet door above me, and chewed on the seeds for a long time. Boid is still up there right now as I write this post to you!
Boid looking down at Ms. GQ & Jorge.

11AM - El Centro de Historico.
Little Mavicito wants to go to the center of Morelia. However, Señorita Tioga does not feel that it is wise for her to go because there is much traffic and no place to park. So, we whistle down a cab. Costs $30 pesos to go downtown in the cab.

There is a really neat church and plaza in El Centro. Little Mavicito captures this really gorgeous place.
Church in El Centro.

View of downtown Morelia.

The strike!
There are a bunch of people sitting around in the plaza in front of the church. I ask what is going on, and am told that it is a planton. I do not understand what a planton is, and ask the news guy on the corner. He tells me that a planton is a sit down strike. These people are striking for land ownership. However, the government will not give them what they want.

These people have been striking for about a year. There are mattresses for sleeping, music for entertainment. I donated $10 pesos to the strike.
The planton.

Benito Juarez.
One of Mexico's greatest leaders is Benito Juarez. A statue of Juarez looks down from on-high, not far from the planton and strike.
Benito Juarez.

3PM - La Policía.
Señorita Tioga and The Team were heading out of the City of Morelia. A motorcycle policeman pulled alongside.

"Ay, caballero!", said the policeman.
Then he pointed to the curb. I pulled over to the curb, and then into a parking lot that did not block traffic. Now there were to motorcycle cops.

"Where is your seat belt?", asked the policeman that pulled me over.

"Here it is.", I said pointing at my seat belt. [My lap belt cannot be seen from the street.]

"You should have a shoulder belt.", he said.

"This is an old vehicle. They only had this kind of belt in those years.", I replied.

Both policemen talked together for a minute.

"Where are you going?", asked the policeman.

"Pátzcuaro.", and I showed him Patzcuaro on my map.

"Only a 1/2 hour to Pátzcuaro." he said.

Then he extended his hand to shake, and wished me a good journey.

5PM - Nite Camped in Pátzcuaro.
The Town of Patzcuaro has a very nice Sorianna Store, sort of like a little WalMart. After shopping, our Nite Camp was made in a residential neighborhood.

Losing things.
I just hate when things disappear. Recently I was not able to find my screw bag that I had used for many years while working as a cabinet maker.

This afternoon I went to use my tripod. No tripod adapter.

Losing my screw bag is just a bother. No big deal. Not having the tripod adapter means no pics with myself in the shot. And no VR shots, which require a tripod.



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