Monday, February 11, 2008

8AM - Leaving Tlaquepaque.
On our way out of Tlaquepaque, we came to a tiny T-shaped intersection. Cars are parked everywhere! MsTioga could not make this left turn. It was just too tight!

Cars began to back up behind us. Some honked. But we had to take it easy, and not lose our cool. Back and forth we went, trying to inch over to our right. Had to walk around MsTioga many times, to see how close we were to the car on the right.

A few times, MsTioga actually touched the bumper of the car on the left. Back and forth. Inching over. A crowd gathered. We are an interesting sight in Tlaquepaque! Especially with a line of traffic growing ever larger.

Finally, we were able to make the left turn! Wow!

León, Guanajuato
This morning, Señorita Tioga is heading in the direction of the City of León in the State of Guanajuato. We know the general direction of León by looking at our compass, but have to ask directions several times in order to find the highway.

We decide that it is best to take the cuota [toll road] in order to get clear of Guadalajara morning traffic. Little Mavicito took the pic below so that you would be able to see bumper-to-bumper traffic heading into Guadalajara.

After we were on the cuota for awhile, we changed to the free road and then stopped and made a Breakfast Camp in the City of Zapotlanejo.
Guadalajara's Monday morning traffic.

"Taking a Chance on Mexico!"
This morning Ms. GQ and I were up early writing a story titled, "Taking a Chance on Mexico." We love to write!

Competition for breakfast
Señorita Tioga's kitchen has competition for breakfast! Near the highway, there are a ton of taco stands, mostly for serving the truck drivers. This is a busy intersection.

We needed to buy some fruit for breakfast, and walked past these stands to a grocery store. Carne asada is tough competition. We held strong though. Our breakfast is also tough competition!
Taco stands at the highway.

Our tough-competition breakfast.

2PM - City of Tepatitlán
Did the Maya and Aztecs live here in the City of Tepatitlán? To us on The Team, the name Tepatitlán sounds as though Maya or Aztecs lived here. ¿Quien sabe? [Who knows?]

Just after we shopped for groceries at the Soriana store here in town, we made our Nite Camp in Tepatitlán. Jorge received his first grocery card from Soriana. Now we have (1) from Mexico and (7) from the United States!.
Jorge's new Soriana card.

6PM - The neighborhood kids.
During the afternoon, a group of ladies got together next to the basketball court near Señorita Tioga's Camp. I visited with these ladies who were waiting for their kids in the nearby school.

Later on, boys from the neighborhood came by and watched as I cleaned Señorita Tioga's doors. These kids are like kids everywhere. Curious, funny, mischievious.
Boys from Tapatitlán.


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