Wednesday, February 20, 2008

8AM - Mr. Datastorm.
Señorita Tioga and The Team have moved a bit east of our Nite Camp, and are now Morning Camped in a vacant field near the highway in the City of Irapuato.

We have been working to get Mr. Datastorm's new equipment working. However, there seems to be a glitch! Ms. GQ is not able to see the new D3 controller. Hmmmmm?

The guys over on Datastorm Users Forum are helping us get this thing resolved. It is a miracle that way down here in Mexico, we are able to work with the guys up in the USA.
Señorita Tioga's Morning Camp in the City of Irapuato.

11:30AM - Mr. Datastorm on SatMex6 now!
We have just a few moments ago successfully changed to our new satellite! Mr. Datstorm is now on SatMex6.

SatMex6 is reportedly not as crowded with customers as is our old satellite, SatMex5. We should have much less connectivity problems now.

1:30PM - Valle de Santiago.
We have made an Afternoon Camp, in the hills above Valle de Santiago. One reason for this Camp is to prepare a fish dinner. Another is to play with Little Boid.

It seems that Little Boid is a bit skittish about my hand and fingers. By holding Boid's food cup in back of my finger, I am hoping to get him to eat while standing on my finger!

So far, this works great. But Boid is still afraid of my fingers.
A boid on the hand.

Food fights!
Boid is not allowed to have my food. I've explained this rule to him several times. However, Boid is very aggressive. He fights me for my food.

Boid wanted my tortilla sooooooo bad! But he only gets some veggies and fruit.
Boid trying for my tortilla.

5:30PM - Uriangato has a lot of shops.
We have made a Nite Camp in the City of Uriangato. The main drag thru town has about a mile of stall type shops. And very narrow streets.

We tracked back a bit, and found our Nite Camp next to a small creek and across from a hospital.
Creekside at sundown in Uriangato.


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