Friday, February 08, 2008

8AM - Parque Metropolitano.
Señorita Tioga is Camped in the parking area of the huge park, Parque Metropolitano. There are a zillion people along the paved path behind us. They are running, walking & biking. This park must be "the" place to excercise.

9AM - The exploring team.
We had a Team Meeting this morning, and it was decided to explore our neighborhood in order to find out about seeing things here in the City of Guadalajara.

Of course Little Mavicito was the first to volunteer for this exploring team, because he volunteers for everything. Mr. Trek and Jorge also volunteered.
The exploring team!

Asking directions
We asked several people which bus was best to go to El Centro de Guadalajara and to see Palacio Gobierno [Government Palace]. All agreed that Ruta 629 [Route 629] was the best.

Mr. Trek took us down to where we were to catch the Ruta 629 bus, and we left him near a restaurant cabled to a tree.

Ruta 629 to El Centro
When we were riding on the bus, Little Mavicito took a pic looking out the windshield. Señorita Tioga would be a bit nervous, driving thru lanes this narrow!
Some lanes are really tight!

A very nice young woman changed seats to sit next to us. She confirmed that we were on the right bus, and what to do when we got off the bus in El Centro. While we were talking, she got a cell call. Apparently she was one hour late for work, and her boss was not happy!

The bus fare is $4 pesos-50 centavos [45 cents]. I got a kick out of how the $money$ is collected from passengers. There is no fare box. Just a little white painted tray to make change. Receipts are issued to each passenger.
Do you see the little white money tray?

Palacio Gobierno
About three blocks from where we got off the R-629 bus, is Palacio Gobierno. The Palace is built on one side of a very large plaza.
Church of San Augustín and Palacio Gobierno.

Just inside the entrance, is an arch with a quote from Mexican President Benito Juarez!
El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.
[Respect for the rights of others means peace.]

Wonderful mural paintings cover the walls and ceiling of the stairwell and the room where congress meets. These are the work of artist José Clemente Orozco.

José Clemente Orozco murals.

Lunch in a tiny restaurant
After touring Palacio Gobierno, we walked around El Centro. It was lunch time, and we came upon a tiny "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant.

I ordered a taco with potatoes, a taco with frijoles [refried beans] and a gordita [fried sandwich] with chicharones and an orange soda. Cost $35 pesos. Really good.
Tiny restaurant for lunch.

2PM - Señor Trek waited for us to return.
We took the R-629 bus back to where we had left Señor Trek cabled to a tree. There he was, waiting patiently for us to return!
Señor Trek.

7PM - Friday nite at the Gallerias Mall.
What do you do on Friday nite here in Guadalajara? It seems that we all flock to the mall!

And the Gallerias Mall near our Camp is absolutely HUGE! Much bigger than the Sun Valley Mall at my home base in the City of Concord, California.

Gallerias Mall in the west side of Guadalajara.

Cinepolis Galerias IMAX® Theater
There is a movie theater here at this mall, that has 25 to 30 screens. I kid you not! I wanted to go see "The Bucket List" starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. This would have been my first movie in Mexico. The sound is in English with Spanish subtitles. However, the last showing was at 5:30PM.

Restaurants at Las Gallerias Mall
There are a ton of restaurants at the mall. Many from the United States!
Do you see Chilis and Outback Steakhouse?

So where do I want to eat? I am here in Mexico, home of the taco. And I want to eat at.....

Jorge wants an American burger! Wow!

Mall Parking Fee
When Señorita Tioga entered the mall parking area, we were issued a parking card. We did not know that this card had to be paid inside the mall.

We went to exit, and the machine told us, "Pay First-Then Exit!" So, huge Señorita Tioga had to back out of the exit lane, return to the mall and pay the fee.

Parking Fee = $10 pesos, about $1US.


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