Tuesday, February 05, 2008

8AM - Señorita Tioga at Ford dealer.
When I drove Señorita Tioga into the culvert, something in her steering changed. Now when we want to drive straight down the road, we have to turn a bit to the left.

We are now at the Ford dealer in Tepic [where we were last week], to get this steering problem fixed.

10AM - The queue line!
Señorita Tioga has been relegated to the queue line here at the Ford dealer in Tepic! However, Ramón [aka El Gordito] in Customer Service has promised Señorita Tioga will see her mechanic this morning!
Waiting patiently in the queue.

11AM - Minor steering adjustment.
Shop Superivsor Manuel explained that only a minor steering adjustment would fix up Señorita Tioga's steering problem.

After the adjustment, I went on a test drive, and asked that the steering be corrected just a bit more.

Soon we will be on our way again!
Tioga in the steering alignment bay.

12:30PM - Leaving Tepic.
As we headed out of the City of Tepic, we came to a fork in the highway. One way went south to Puerto Vallerta. The other east to the huge City of Guadalajara. Which way to go?

Everybody on The TiogaRV Team screamed, "Guadalajara!" Wow!

We stopped to buy gasoline at a Pemex in Tepic. Then we came across a propane station in San Cayetano, and filled the tank.

1:30PM - La Labor.
We were looking to buy pollo asado, and we came to Pueblo La Labor. As we drove thru town, there it was! A pollo asado stand! Wow!

After we bought our pollo asado [$55 pesos for a whole chicken], we made a Lunch Camp near the edge of town.
Pollo asado from La Labor.

Is Jorge happy, or what?

3:30PM - Taking a nap.
After lunch, Jorge took a long nap! And we were thinking about staying here in La Labor for the nite! Wow!

Then, Little Mavicito started jumping around, wanting to see what is on the other side of the hill. So, we moved on.

4PM - The free road.
Señorita Tioga likes to take the free road, instead of the toll road. We are able to see more on the free road. We pass gorgeous views of mountains and fields of crops. We are closer to the pueblos on the free road.

Do you like to drink tequila? If you do, maybe you recognize what is growing in the pic below?
Agave plants from which tequila is made.

For every field planted with agave, there are tons of fields planted with La Cana [sugar cane].
La Cana is a major crop in Nayarit.

5:30PM - Heriberto Jana.
It is time for our Nite Camp. In the distance, on the hill to the south, we see a hillside pueblo. It is called Heriberto Jana. We have made our Nite Camp here.
View from the Pueblo of Heriberto Jana.


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