Thursday, February 07, 2008

8AM - Tequila capitol of the World!
As we are leaving the City of Tequila, Jalisco, Little Mavicito was amazed to see a ton of tequila plants. We must have gone by 12 of them, side-by-side alongside the highway. Agave is even growing along the highway in the road's right-of-way!

In the City of Tequila, and along the highway that passes thru the City, there are a zillion stores selling "tequila flasks." And many of these stores display bottles of tequila for sale. Some of these bottles look like they came from prohibition days. Just big clear glass bottles.

Tequila must be a popular beverage!
Don Roberto-the fanciest tequila maker along the highway.

A couple of hours down the road, we were getting close to the huge City of Guadalajara. Like many big cities, we are not suddenly there. Guadalajara crept up on us as we drove. Lots of industrial development at the outskirts. Then the highway widened into multi-lane.

There are about 2-1/4 million persons living in Guadalajara. But traffic is not terrible, at least not to Señorita Tioga who is able to handle Los Angeles Freeway type traffic!

10AM - Our Morning Camp.
We have made a Morning Camp in a nice looking residential neighborhood in the City of Guadalajara. There is a park across the road. A short distance away, we passed a large modern shopping mall with a Sears Store and a multi-screen movie theater.
Jorge and The Team in the City of Guadalajara!

Propane gas leak!
I found a leak in Señorita Tioga's propane gas system! Have you read my MsTioga Magazine story about using a manometer gage to find propane leaks? [Link]

Reader Les Doll wrote us an email. The email suggested that our testing procedure had a flaw and required a bleed-down of the system in order to work.

I followed Les Doll's advice, and guess what? There was a leak! Using soap solution on the propane gas line, a leak was found in the gas inlet fitting to the refrigerator. After that leak was repaired, the Propane Test was conducted again. No more leaks!

I am going to edit my "Propane Testing" story to include Les Doll's advice! Thank you soooooooo much, Les Doll!

Les Doll has a very interesting website! [Link]

Mr. Datastorm asks for help.
Do you remember reading in our blog [February 4th] that Mr. Datastorm has been having some connectivity problems here in Mexico? Our friends at the Motosat Corporation, the company that manufactures Mr. Datastorm, have come up with a solution. This solution would require receiving a shipment here in Mexico.

Do you also remember the Mauricio Gonzalez family that we met in Copper Canyon? We are headed to León in the State of Guanajuato to visit with this family. We have emailed Mauricio asking if he would be able to receive this shipment from Motosat Corporation.

This is sooooooo exciting! We are writing email in Spanish to Mauricio. This is the very first time that we have sent email in the Spanish language. Wow!

5PM - Guadalajara Nite Camp.
We moved from our Day Camp and found a Nite Camp not too far away. Across the road is an extremely large park where people are walking and running.

The Team has been talking together about Guadalajara. We are a bit intimidated by this large town. The traffic is big. We would like to explore, but it is felt that Señorita Tioga would have to be left behind while we use a taxi. This idea is not comfortable.
Señorita Tioga and Jorge Camped near a BIG park.

Budget Report Updated
Our TiogaRV Team Budget Report has just been updated. If you want to take a peek at this report, you may find it in the "Behind The Scenes" section of our Home Page.

Señorita Tioga and I are always very optimistic about the amount of $money$ that we spend on maintenance. Every month we believe that our maintenance will go down. And we are always amazed when it does NOT go down. Hmmmm?

A good thing happened this last month at the Ford dealer in Tepic. The mechanics working on Señorita Tioga may have been the best mechanics to have EVER worked on her. Ford in Tepic appears to have corrected a problem created a few years ago when Jose's Auto Service replaced the water pump and did NOT torque the bolts down properly. Jose's did that work in October, 2005.

By May, 2006, Señorita Tioga had to go to Jubal's Automotive to have a coolant leak fixed. That was when the bolt problem was discovered. However, after Jubal's, we noticed that the engine had a very slow oil leak. Toward the end of 2007, besides that oil leak, coolant began leaking again, but very slowly.

When that coolant leak turned really bad, that is when Señorita Tioga went to Ford in Tepic. We did not complain about the oil leak to Ford, because we thought that this was just something that came with aging. However, when Ford in Tepic repaired the coolant leak, somehow the oil leak stopped. Wow!

Señorita Tioga and I are now optimistic about our maintenance budget again. Once more we believe that the monthly maintenance will go down. Because we are convinced that Ford in Tepic did the work right this time!


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