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December 27, 1972
Jorge arrives in San Francisco del Rincón
Here is the news story telling of my trip in 1972 to San Francisco with my friend, Gregorio Montana. I believe that Gregorio is now living in Huntington Park, California.

This morning I was going thru my photograph collection, and found the news story below.

I have translated the above news story to the best of my ability.

Distinguished North American Industralist
Arrived today in San Francisco del Rincón
San Francisco del Rincón, Gto, Deciembre 26
Coming from Los Angeles, California tomorrow Wednesday, will arrive at this city, and spend several days, Mr. George S. Lehrer, Vice President and General Manager of Punch Press Products, Inc..

The mentioned man of this company, has been invited to San Francisco del Rincón by gentlemen Sergio, Héctor and Pedro Gutiérrez, known industrialists of the locality will offer a supper to him at the Lion's Club.

George S. Lehrer, comes accompanied by Mr. Gregorio Montana. They will arrive in the airport of Guadalajara, Jalisco, approximately at 3PM. There they will be received by the Gutiérrez brothers. They all will then go to San Francisco del Rincón where they will offer a banquet to him.

Señor Lehrer indicated that San Francisco del Rincón will be the first place that he visits. Afterwards, Gregorio Montana and George Lehrer will go different places in Mexico that have been planned.

9AM - Chuy's Tacos
On our morning walk, Little Mavicito and I discovered Chuy's Tacos just down the street. This little street taco stand has table service! Wow!

I ordered two tacos barbacoa and one al pastor. Yummmmm! These tacos only cost $5 pesos each! Man-O-Man!

Tacos al pastor here at Chuy's is pork, BBQd on a vertical spit, and marinated a lot with spices. The tacos barbacoa are made with chopped beef. On the table is chopped cilantro and white onions. Also cut limes, which are VERY popular in Mexico.
Jorge at Chuy's.

10AM - Héctor comes to visit.
When Héctor arrived at Señorita Tioga, I showed him the news story that I had discovered this morning. We then went out for breakfast at the hotel just behind our Camp. Yes, another breakfast!

I am very disappointed that in all the excitement of meeting with Héctor both inside Señorita Tioga and in the restaurant, that I forgot to take pics! Darn!

Below is a pic that I found this morning taken at Héctor's hat factory in 1972.
Héctor and Jorge at the hat factory, December, 1972.

2PM - Heading to León.
We had a Team Meeting this afternoon, and decided to head into the City of León. This Saturday we have a date to meet with the González family who live in León.

Do you remember Mauricio González and his family that we met while we were in Copper Canyon January 1st thru the 3rd? You may read about that trip using the calendar in the left hand column.

When visiting San Francisco del Rincón in 1972, I was made an honorary member of the Lion's Club!

Little Mavicito captured a"Good Trip" sign by the Lion's Club as we left San Francisco.
Feliz Viaje!

3:30PM - Shopping in León.
We stopped at a Soriana store in León. We bought a couple of cables to secure Mr. Trek's wheels and a little cactus plant!

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