Sunday, February 03, 2008

Goodbye Ranchito Tecolote!
This morning Señorita Tioga and The Team will be leaving El Ranchito Tecolote. We have been camping here since our accident last Wednesday. Our host, Ranchero Cirilo Perez has been just wonderful.

We have seen triplet lambs born, and a pig killed and butchered. We have talked at nite by campfire light with Cerilo and his grandson Edgar. Visited with Cirilo and his wife Carmelina at their home in the nearby Pueblo of Trigomil. Eaten with the family both at the ranchito and their home.

Jorge has looked at the stars at nite, watched Orion and Ursa Major whirl the black sky. Strecho the mean dog attacked, and we fought him off [lately Strecho has been wagging his tail around us wanting to be friends!] Listened to the sheep baaaaaa for the food, and the lambs crying for milk.

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Click the image below, to see Ranchito Tecolote in Fousie Magic!

Cirilo watering his land.
Just as we were leaving Rancho Tecolote, Little Mavicito captured this last pic of Cirilo. He is watering his land in front of the sugar cane field.
Last view of our friend Cerilo!

12:30PM - Need to see Ford in Tepic.
As soon as Señorita Tioga was on the paved highway again, it was clear that something had changed in her steering. In order to go straight, we had to turn a little left.

The steering is not "pulling" to the right. Just that the steering wheel has to be to the left a little, in order to go straight.

4PM - Little park in Tepic.
Do you remember that little park in Tepic where we spent the weekend while waiting for the Ford dealer to open up? Well, we are back here again!


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