Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will you be my Valentine?

7AM - Heading to the City of Guanajuato!
The Church book says, "Of all the colonial cities in Mexico, Guanajuato is probably the most interesting and fun to visit."

Señorita Tioga and The Team are heading to Guanajuato right now and searching for adventure!

9:30AM - Highway to Guanajuato
Señorita Tioga was happy to find that the highway we are on has 3-lanes in each direction and has fairly good pavement. The day is kind of misty, as you may see in the pic below.
Highway going southeast from León.

10:30AM - Breakfast Camp
When we reached the City of Guanajuato, we turned south looking for a Breakfast Camp. We had to go a couple of miles before we found a parking place!

I decided to prepare pancakes, egg, bacon and sausage as well as fruit salad!
Breakfast near Guanajuato.

11AM to 2PM - Morrill Trailer Park
The Church Guide to Mexican Camping described the Morrill Trailer Park. We read, "You can walk downtown in only a 15 minutes..." Wow! Sounded great!

We followed the Church directions and tried to go on to the Panoramica, and got lost. We tried again, and found it. In order to try again, we had to dive into the maze of El Centro.

The Panoramica is a twisting road that has wonderful views of Guanjuato. We drove along the Panoramica, and were surprised to find that we were at the Governor's Palace. We were not supposed to be at the Palace!

We drove thru El Centro and got back on the Panoramica. And got lost again. But along our way, we did find other stuff!
A vertical working mine.

A castle looking place.

A panorama of Guanjuato!

Several trips thru El Centro Guanjuato.
We went around various routes in El Centro, about five times. Each time we tried a different way to follow the Church directions.
We went along tree lined streets, packed with tourists.

We went thru tunnels, some dark and much longer than this one.

We went around and around, thru endless long and dark twisting tunnels - some packed with traffic. There were traffic circles. Strange signs pointing this way and that!

Finally, we decided that maybe the Morrill Trailer Park was a bit too hard to find.

3PM - Camped along the Libre Road.
We have made what may be our Nite Camp, along the Libre Road. Restaurant Los Gauchos "Parilla Argentine" is next to us. Parilla=grill. Hmmmmmm?

Introducing Boid to you!
This morning, Little Mavicito gave you a sneak peek at the newest member of the TiogaRV Team! He is "Boid", a budgerigar or parakeet.

I fell for Boid when seeing him in a pet store yesterday, just outside of The WalMart in the City of León. Boid looked to be soooooo calm and mannerly, among the other birds!
Here is Boid!


Nite Camp Location Link