Monday, February 04, 2008

Jorge! Slow down!
Events seem to be advising me to slow down. The accident driving into the culvert last Wednesday. That slowed me down. Meeting ranchero Cirilo Perez slowed me down.

Yesterday when we went to leave the ranchito, Señorita Tioga had a dead starting battery. That was why we were heading back to Tepic. To buy a new battery. On the way to Tepic, the steering problem that we wrote to you about yesterday was discovered.

This morning upon arriving at the Ford dealer to have the steering problem fixed, the guard said that the dealership is closed today for a holiday.

Then we found that the toilet seat cover hinge had broken. It is an easy fix using 5-minute epoxy that we carry on board. However we found that the cover of our tube of epoxy cement had somehow jiggled open, and leaked out. Hmmmm?

9AM - Breakfast Camp.
We have made a Camp on a hill in Tepic. Before breakfast the starting battery was checked. All of the cells have a specific gravity around 1125. Even though the battery is now able to start Señorita Tioga's engine, this battery needs replacement.

While eating breakfast, a lot of thinking was going on. We believe that if we listen closely, as closely as possible, that we will hear what is being told to us. What is the message?

Mr. Datastorm.
There have been connectivity problems lately with Mr. Datastorm. Everything points away from our internet equipment being responsible.

RVers Rod & Pauline who are also Datastormers, recently told of problems with connectivity. They are having the same connectivity problems as our Mr. Datastorm. Rod & Pauline were in the Guadalajara area, exactly where we are heading. And, they are using the same satellite and same transponder frequency as we are using. When Rod & Pauline went north, leaving Guadalajara, their Datastorm problems cleared.

If we were to lose our internet connection here in Mexico, that would be a terrible blow!

Are we being slowed down, in order to think about where we are going? Is that the message?
Thinking at breakfast.

12 Noon - Doing maintenance.
We just completed maintenance on Mr. Sunny's new Crown deep cycle battery bank. Not one cell needed distilled water! Wow! We are sooooooo happy with our new battery bank which holds its charge excellently!

We also tested our propane system for leaks. It is so easy to check our propane system now that we are using a gauge to do the testing. We used to use soapy water to check each connection!

Click on the pic below, to read MsTioga Magazine's propane testing story.

Battery and hydraulic jack.
During the afternoon, we drove around shopping for Señorita Tioga's new starting battery. However, today is a national holiday in Mexico, and many stores were closed. There was one store that we knew would be open! The Wal*Mart!

The Wal*Mart is on the east side of the City of Tepic. There is a large street construction project right in the middle of town. The first time we went around this project, we got lost. But now it is a snap!

We need a new jack because Señorita Tioga decided to give our old hydraulic jack to Ranchero Cirilo Perez. We had loaned the jack to Cirilo so he could prepare for a brake job. This job was not complete when we were about to leave. That is why we gave this jack to Cirilo as a present.
Our new jack and starting battery.

4:30PM - Nite Camped near Ford.
We have made our Nite Camp a few blocks south of the Ford dealer. This is a residential neighborhood with a lot of construction going on. Señorita Tioga is next to a vacant lot.


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