Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leaving the City of León.
Both Mauricio and his wife Edith are dentists. Edith goes to her office, only on Tuesday and Wednesday. So, this morning Mauricio is on his own, and invites me for breakfast.

Mauricio loves to cook. While he was preparing breakfast, Mauricio shared with me his love of living for today! Wow!
Making fresh orange juice.

French toast!

After breakfast, Señorita Tioga and The Team will say goodbye to Mauricio. We have already said our goodbyes to the rest of the González family.

We have been treated soooooooooo good here during our Camp in front of the González family home. We feel like family!

1PM - Mexico not 3rd World.
We are on the highway heading toward the City of Irapuato. Little Mavicito asked Señorita Tioga to pull over in order to capture a pic of the highway.

Little Mavicito says, "Mexico is NOT a 3rd World country. Look at this highway!"
Highway to Irapuato.

1:30PM - City of Irapuato.
We want to find a bank here in Irapuato. But the parking is really tight! So, we pay to stay in a dirt lot close to the bank. Cost $5 pesos/hour [50 cents US].

3PM - Found our Nite Camp.
Señorita Tioga drove thru the El Centro of Irapuato. Little Mavicito saw some really neat historical buildings and wanted to capture some pics. However, parking was very tight, so we kept going easterly.

Our Nite Camp is in a residential neighborhood on the east side of Irapuato. We are close to the highway that goes to Salmanca, where we will be going in the morning.
Irapuato Nite Camp.

4:30PM - Boid is much better!
Some readers suggested that parakeets may be sensitive to being in the same room with a catalytic converter [our Mr. Wave6]. So, last nite Mr. Wave6 was not turned on.

Today, Little Boid is doing great. He is eating like a fiend. Señorita Tioga wondered if Boid may have been the low guy on the food chain in the pet shop. Now, Boid is making up for lost time.

We bought a sand mixture for Boid, to aid his digestion. This was also suggested by readers. In the pic below, you may see Boid next to his little cup of sand. Boid has been seen nibbling at this sand too.
Little Boid with his new sand cup.

9PM - The call them waffles!
But they are not pronounced as you in the USA pronounce them. Waffles in Mexico are called "wahf-less". Words down here are pronounced as the Mexican people know them to be!

We noticed a little street restaurant was going across the street from Señorita Tioga, and went there to take a peek. Four ladies were working this restaurant, and in no time I had them laughing about things. It does not take much of a joke to get people to laugh in Mexico. Nearly everything is a little funny down here, and the Mexican people love to joke about it.
Little street restaurant across from our Camp.

My waffle filled with frijoles refritos, potatoes, cheese, lettuce!


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