Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Boid is sick
I've not had a pet for many years. But I fell for Boid the parakeet when I saw him in the store. Yesterday afternoon, Boid began to sit at the bottom of his cage, head tucked into his wings. This morning, although Boid has moments of seeming OK, he is mostly sleeping. Not a good sign.

In my vagabonding life style, it is difficult to take care of a sick pet properly. That is one reason that I've not had pet friends along with me on my journey.
Boid sleeping during mid-morning.

11:30AM - Boid got better.
I'd left Boid's cage door open, and he hopped down on the Ms. GQ's keyboard. Then, I put some of Boid's seeds in my hand, and he hopped right on to my hand an began feasting!

He is still sick though, and is sleeping a lot more than ususal.
Little Boid on my hand feasting on seeds.

The UPS package.
We arranged with Motosat Corp. makers of the Datastorm antenna, to send us via UPS Air, an HN7000S modem and a D3 Controller. We have been having internet problems near the coast. This new equipment will allow us to change satellites, and hopefully cure these problems.

The UPS Air package arrived last Friday morning in the City of Guadalajara. Then it just stopped moving! Mauricio, our host here in the City of León, has offered to forward this package to us when it arrives! Pretty neat, huh?

Errands with Edith.
This afternoon, I was invited to go with Edith to do errands. First we took son Machicho to school. All the kids go to the same school. It is a private school. Dad and Mom want their kids to have the very best.

The girls, Monse and Valeria, were completing track exercises when we arrived. Then we drove to a gymnasium in town that trains the girls to do exercises that benefit runners.

The kids all seem to love their physical training programs, and I loved to watch.

Email from Mauricio.
I received an email from Mauricio telling me that the UPS Air package from Motosat containing my new internet equipment had arrived!


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