Sunday, February 10, 2008

Loving rock-n-roll in Tlaquepaque, Mexico
I am sooooooo impressed with these rock-n-roll guys down here in Tlaquepaque, Mexico. Not hardly speaking a word of English, these guys are able to sing the words to many rock hits.

Especially Jorge! The artist who created this tribute, his wall. A testament to how rock changed these men's lives. And every Saturday nite, here in Tlaquepaque, Jorge and his friends meet. To listen to the rock bands and artists that they love so much.

Click the image below, to view Jorge's rock-n-roll wall Fousie Magic!

9AM - Seeing the artesenos.
Mr. Trek took Little Mavicito and Jorge to see the artesenos in Tlaquepaque. However, when they arrived at la plaza where the artesenos [artisans] have their shops, it was discovered that Little Mavicito is not interested in the gliztzy arteseno shops.
La Plaza in Tlaquepaque.

Click arrow to hear the little band playing music.

Mr. Trek took us around, and there it was! The Mercado! Bustling with the locals going to shop. Three floors of little stalls! Fruit stands, shoe stores, fish stores, chicken stores. And then we saw what we wanted to buy! Gorditas!

Wow! We do love gorditas, which are made by mixing corn flour with water and other stuff producing a thick mixture. Patties are made by hand, then baked on a hot griddle. The gordita is then sliced open, and filled with food. They are fat, that is why they are called "gorditas!"
Gordita stand.

Making gordita patties and baking.

Filling the gorditas according to the orders.

I ordered two gorditas. One with chicharones and the other with something else, I don't know what. But it was very good!

SeƱorita Tioga is Camped in front of Jorge's home. Fernando is a friend of Jorge's and a barber here in Tlaquepaque. Fernando is also a musician, a guitar player and a lover of rock-n-roll.

Fernando was born here in Tlaquepaque, and like so many other Mexicans, went to "the other side" to seek his fortune. Fernando married in Los Angeles, has children and grandchildren still living in L.A. After his mother died, Fernando moved back to Tlaquepaque, and is living in his deceased parent's home.
Fernando playing his guitar.
[Barber chair was the one his Dad used!]

Fernando is fixing up his home. Two guys from the neighborhood who are into construction, are working today on the kitchen. The garden is looking good too!
Fernando in his garden.

This evening, Fernando and "the guys" will get together at Jorge's home. Fernando has promised to bring a guitar and play for us. Of course, I will be there!


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