Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Propane Guy.
In many towns in Mexico, propane delivery is very aggressive. Propane trucks circle around their routes, music blaring from speakers, and the voice loudly beckoning customers.

This morning I was awakened as the Propane Guy drove by Señorita Tioga and called out to me on his loud speaker, "Wake up Mister!"

Little Mavicito tried several times to capture the Propane Guy on a video, but the Propane Guy was too fast. This is the best that we could do!

11PM - El Centro.
We are on our way to El Centro to look for the Indian dancers who perform in the plaza on the weekends. Señorita Tioga has to make a U-turn. We see that the left turn lane is in the far right lane. Not in the left lane as is common in the USA.

This seems like a great idea to Señorita Tioga who often has a tough time making U-turns. This U-turn was sooooooo easy because it begins in the far right lane!
The truck and car are waiting to make a left or U-turn.

The Plaza.
We find many tourists in The Plaza, which looks to us like a shopper's heaven. Stores of every description just pop-up as we walk along the streets surrounding The Plaza.
Shops inside The Plaza.

A mercado [market] in the north Plaza.

Indian dancers.
We find the Indian dancers who perform on the weekends. Little Mavicito has made a video of their dancing which you will find below!
Are these kids, or adults? They are short people.

The pic below is donated by readers Graydon & Diane so that you may see how really young are these dancers in Pátzcuaro.
Young Indian dancer.

Pátzcuaro - The Santa Barbara of Mexico.
Yes! Pátzcuaro is like Santa Barbara, California. Architecturally coordinated. More than twice as old as Santa Barbara.

The wealthy of Mexico flock here to sip fine coffee in the evening. Or talk leisurely at an outdoor restaurant's table in the main plaza. Perhaps buy an ice cream cup, and then watch the people stroll by.
Ice cream vendor in Pátzcuaro's main plaza.

And Pátzcuaro is like Santa Barbara, California in another way. The hand stone cutters work here, as their brothers do in the north.
Stone cutters laying the street.


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