Saturday, February 16, 2008

Readers concern for Boid.
Many readers have sent email or posted in the ShoutBox about Boid not being allowed to cross the border when Señorita Tioga and The Team return to the United States.

We asked Boid how he felt about this possibility.

"I am happy to be living with you guys", said Boid.
"I love my new home inside Señorita Tioga! During the day, I am able to hear birds outside singing, and I always sing back to them. Also, I never worry about what may happen tomorrow, because I only know today."

Wise old Mr. Chips added, "If Little Boid can't cross the border with us, we will miss him. Until then, Little Boid is a fun guy. I enjoy him every second!"
Little Boid.

Life in the González family.
Things are busy here at the home of the González family. Sisters Mouncy and Valeria have gone with friends to practice running in Guanajuato. All the kids play piano. Today is the piano lesson for Machicho, who is learning music by Mozart.
Sebastian shows me his piano skills.

Machicho gets his piano lesson.

Machicho and Mateo-an Amazon parrot.

Fiesta day!
Little Mavicito and I have been to several fiestas this journey in Mexico. Things that these fiestas all had in common are fun and food. Tons of food! More food than may be eaten in three fiestas!

Mom Edith and three of the kids went shopping. Little Mavicito and I were invited to go shopping too. We went to a butcher shop which had a produce shop next door. On the way to the CostCo, we stopped to get a tradition in the City of León. It is called a "Bomba!"
The family at the butcher shop.

My bomba had pineapple, onion, various spices that I could not identify, vinegar and a ton of shredded cheese on top. Bombas are VERY popular here in León. We had to wait in line for 20 minutes just to order our Bombas.
My Bomba is in the cup.

Two families were invited to the fiesta, both very close friends of the González family. In fact, the husbands are godfathers to the González kids. We all spent the afternoon and evening talking and eating. The kids all went swimming in the heated pool, and stayed in the pool for hours!
Jorge loading up on salad at the fiesta.

Boid is a great flyer!
When we went back to take a peek at Boid during the afternoon, we found that he had learned to exit his cage! Boid knows how to fly too. He is a wonderful flyer!

Boid is smart. He goes in and out of his cage. But now that we know that Boid is that smart, we won't let him be free anymore unless we are with him. Don't want Boid to find trouble!
Boid is an explorer too.

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