Sunday, February 17, 2008

San Miguel de Allende.
Yesterday evening Mauricio asked if I would be ready to go for a trip to see the Town of San Miguel de Allende! Sebastian [youngest kid] was excited to go, and so am I !!

So this morning, we are all going to San Miguel de Allende!

10AM - Mauricio cooks this Sunday morning.
This Sunday Morning, Mauricio prepared a pancake and egg breakfast for everybody. Then we all climbed into their large SUV, and headed east toward San Miguel de Allende.
The young people in the back.
[Machicho, Valeria, Monse, Sebastian & Sofia.]

About 90 minutes later, we were entering San Miguel de Allende. Along the way, we watched a movie on the little video screen!
The entrance to San Miguel de Allende. Do you see the famous church?

Mauricio wants to buy garbanzo beans with chili, lime and salt!
Garbanzo beans for everybody!

Spinners in San Miguel de Allende

González family in front of church in San Miguel de Allende.

Back to Guanajuato.
Mauricio wants to show me the Monument to Pipila. So, we are returning to the City of Guanajuato.
Panorama of Guanajuato.

Monument to Pipila.
Below is a pic of the huge Monument to Pipila. It was built in 1939. This rose colored sculpture is in honor of Juan José de los Reyes Martinez, known as El Pipila.

Pipila was the hero of the struggle for Mexican independence. He set fire to the door with a torch, which made possible the taking of the Alhondiga de Granaditas on September 28, 1810. [Link]
Monument to Pipila.


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