Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Se llama Tepa [They call it Tepa]
Señorita Tioga drove into El Centro of Tepatitán, and was not able to find a place to park there. "Tepa" is a very busy town!

The people of Tepatitlán call their hometown "Tepa". Maybe they call it Tepa lovingly, or maybe because the name is too long? We do not know.

We continued on the highway and came to a big hill with a wonderful view of Tepa. Little Mavicito captured the pano pic below. We have made a Morning Camp on this hill.
Tepa from the big hill.

3PM - San Julian's sister city.
We were surprised to find a fountain in the City of San Julian with a dedication to being a sister city to Huntington Park, California. Wow!
San Julian, Jalisco and Huntington Park, California!

San Francisco del Rincón.
In another life, during the 60s and 70s, I worked for Punch Press Products in Los Angeles, California. Men from Mexico came to the USA to find work. One man got a job at Punch Press Products. That man was from the City of San Francisco del Rincón, here in the State of Jalisco.

Over 100 followed that first man to get a job at Punch Press Products. One of those men, Gregorio Montana, became the press room foreman. Gregorio and I became friends. In 1972, the two of us made plans to visit together his hometown of San Francisco del Rincón.

That is where Señorita Tioga and The Team are heading this afternoon. To look up an old friend.

State of Guanajuato.
Señorita Tioga has crossed over the border from Jalisco, and is now in the State of Guanajuato. In the pic below, the City of La Purisma del Rincón is in the distance.
Entering Guanajuato!

5PM - Looking for Gregorio Montana.
We are now in the City of San Francisco del Rincón and are looking for Gregorio Montana. San Francisco is a BIG town, and this will not be an easy find.

Gregorio belongs to the Lions Club, and is friends with people who own a shoe factory and a hat factory here in town.

The pic below was taken here in San Francisco in 1972.
Gregorio [left] and Jorge.

An incredible story!
Just after I published the "Looking for Gregorio Montana" post, I noticed that there was a factory across the street. Taking my pics of my 1972 visit to San Francisco del Rincón with me, I went into that factory.

There were some men talking inside, and I approached them showing my pics. "Do you know these people?", I asked.

One of the men introduced himself as Manuel. He told me that he thought that he knew a person in the pic. "That looks like Hector Gutierrez", Manuel told me.

"If you wait for five minutes, I will take you to this man's home"
, said Manuel.
Hector Gutierrez is the fellow on the right.

Manuel and his brother Esteban drove with me to the home of Hector Gutierrez. However, nobody was at this home when we arrived. Manuel told me that he also knew Reuven, Hector's brother, and we went to Reuven's home.

When we arrived at Reuven's home and showed the pics to him, he immediately recognized me! Reuven said, "That's George, I remember him!"

Well, needless to say, I was astounded! To be remembered by name after 35 years is just fantastic! Reuven also identified his brother Hector in the pic, and suggested that we go to Hector's factory to see him.

When we parked in front of Hector's factory, would you believe that Hector was just leaving! And Hector remembered me too! Hector and I embraced each other! What an incredible moment!
Manuel, Hector Gutierrez and Esteban.

A date with Hector!
Tomorrow morning at 10AM, I have a date to get together with Hector and talk about things. I am sooooooo excited about that!

Hector did tell me that Gregorio Montana moved permanently to the USA, and has not returned to San Francisco del Rincón for many years.

I know that San Francisco del Rincón is a small town, only about 150,000 inhabitants. However, to ask only one person here, and thru that one encounter find who I am looking for in a 35 year old photo is just the most incredible thing!

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