Saturday, February 09, 2008

Little Mavicito wants to go see Tlaquepaque! Señorita Tioga wants to stay right here in Parque Metropolitano. Jorge says, "I can't even pronounce Tlaquepaque!
Add ImageClock tower of the Government Palace

Windshield is loose!
For sometime, there has been an accumulation of dirt at the bottom of the windshield on the inside. I'd figured that this dirt was coming in from an outside vent, and just cleaned it up.

This morning while washing Señorita Tioga, I noticed that the bottom of the aluminum frame on the outside of the windshield is loose. Also, I am able to move the bottom of the glass by pushing on the inside of the windshield with my hand. The windshield is loose! Wow!

Apparently when the windshield was last replaced, the adhesive was not properly applied. It is amazing to me how many times the same work must be done again and again and again because of shoddy work! Man-O-Man!!

1PM - Camped in Tlaquepaque.
We are Camped in the Town of Tlaquepaque. And, we just happened to stumble upon a little windshield repair shop. We are waiting now for the owner to show up.

Parabrisas means windshield in Spanish.
Señorita Tioga next to the windshield repair shop.

2PM - Luis El Patrón.
Luis is the owner of the little windshield repair shop. Luis wanted to remove the entire windshield in order to do the job right. However, I would not take the risk that something would go wrong and I would be stuck here without a windshield.

We agreed to only use the black adhesive window sealer only on the outside. There is not enough room on the inside to use the adhesive gun without removing the windshield.

All of the debris is brushed away from the window, and the area is cleaned with white gasoline.
Cleaning in preparation for adhesive.

Several clips that wedge into slots below the glass, are used to hold the aluminum windshield frame in place. First the adhesive is applied using the gun. Then the clips are driven into place. The aluminum frame snaps on to these clips.
Adhesive gun.

Afterwards, the area was spot-cleaned to remove smudges of the black adhesive. Luis advised not to permit the area to get wet for three hours.

Cost of the windshield repair job: $100 pesos.

4PM - Nite Camp in a rock-n-roll place.
Our Nite Camp in Tlaquepaque has an interesting wall across the street. It is a commemoration of rock-n-roll bands loved by the artist. The artist's name is Jorge, and he lives across the street from the wall.

Jorge says, "All the neighborhood loves rock-n-roll!"
Jorge with John Lennon.

Rock-n-Roll wall.

7PM - Friends from the neighborhood!
Every Saturday evening, a bunch of guys get together in the neighborhood in front of Jorge's home. They all love rock-n-roll music, especially from the 1970s. There is a little tequila to share, a little cerveza. And a whole lot of friendship.

It is a good time!
Friends from the neighborhood.


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