Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where does Boid find his food?
Every morning, I ask Boid where are his seeds. This morning, Boid's seeds are hidden in my pajama shirt pocket.

Boid found his seeds, and flew over to my pocket for breakfast. What a smart thing is Boid!
Boid feasting on seeds!

9AM - Camped on the hill again.
We've made our Camp on the same hill as yesterday, overlooking the Bay of Zihuatanejo. On the way here, Little Mavicito captured the pic below!
Zihuatantejo and its bay in the morning.

We are publishing the following from an internet cafe in Zihuatanejo.

6PM - Mr. Datastorm is very sick!
In fact, he may be temporarily dead! My-Oh-My!

As you may know, Mr. Datastorm received a new D3 Controller from Motosat Corporation recently. That D3 never worked. So, we went back to using the older D2 controller. Yesterday, the D2 began to target the wrong elevation, causing us to have to find our satellite manually. Wow!

At the same time that we received the D3 that did not work, we received a new HN7000S modem, so that we would be able to use satellite SatMex6, which was promised to work better than our old SatMex5 satellite.

Strangely, our new HN7000S modem went dead this afternoon. Hmmmmmm? We tried to put back the older modem, and that did not work either. Double Wow!

What to do?
Mr. Datastorm dying like he has way down here in the south of Mexico, leaves us with a decision. What should we do? Wise old Mr. Chips commented, "Well Jorge, it is time to put your money where your mouth is!"

I believe that what Mr. Chips, in his gruff way is saying, is that we will have to continue our journey without onboard internet access. And we have to think positively about this situation. Man-O-Man!

Contacting Motosat for advice.
Of course we are going to contact Motosat Corporation and ask for advice. Perhaps Motosat will have a way of figuring all of this mess out?

Making our daily posts.
We will continue to take pics, and make daily posts just as we have always done. And several times a day too! However, we will not be able to publish those posts as we have done in the past. It will be necessary to find internet cafes along our journey, and publish there.

We will be making our posts in text files which should be pretty easy to convert into Blogger style posts. Little Mavicito will take his pics, we will edit those pics, and put the proper code for the images into the text file. Then when we come to an internet cafe, all we will have to do is copy and paste into Blogger!

Tough on our finances.
As you may imagine, not being able to publish several times each day may be kind of tough on our finances. Our readers like the way we tell them what is going on a bunch of times during the day. And we will greatly miss being able to go online and tell you what's what several times a day too!

But we on the TiogaRV Team are tough! We will come out OK!


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