Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whizzing around the World!
At our Team Meeting this morning, our Mr. DeLorme pointed out that we are now at 20° latitude. So, we clicked on our Google Map link to see where that puts our Team.

We backed off the Google Map so that we viewed all of Mexico. Then we moved the map across the Atlantic Ocean. Man-O-Man! We are at the same latitude as North Africa. We are below Egypt. And at the southern part of Saudi Arabia. In the center of India. In Thailand. In Hawaii.

Look how close we are to Central America and Guatemala!

The Motosat Story!
Do you know what a miracle is our Datastorm internet system? No matter where we make our Camp, we are able to share our story with you! Mr. Datastorm sends his antenna up. Automatically he finds his satellite 22,000 miles above the Earth. And we are connected to the internet. Wow!

Our Datastorm internet system is manufactured by the Motosat Corporation [Link] in Salt Lake City, Utah. The President of Motosat, is Mr. Jim Pendleton. Recently the satellite that we were using had some problems. There was another satellite that would be better. But that satellite required different equipment.

We asked Motosat for help, and Jim Pendleton and his team worked to get the needed equipment to us way down here in Mexico. Isn't that the greatest thing?
Mr. Jim Pendleton, President of Motosat Corporation.

11AM - My first mango!
Mauricio and Edith González gave me a giant bag of fruit. One of these fruits I did not recognize. It was sort of pear shaped, and had a thick skin. Yesterday I ate one of these unknown fruit. It was sweet and I liked it a lot. Didn't like the skin though, and skinned this fruit.

This morning I decided to eat another of these fruit with breakfast. There were two ladies parking nearby and going to the hospital. I took my unknown fruit out to them and asked what it was? It is a mango! Man-O-Man!

Can you imagine getting to be 70 years old and not knowing a mango?

Little Boid ate a bit of mango at breakfast this morning. But Boid much prefers my tortillas. He does not really eat the tortilla, but likes to rip it up and make a mess.

The truck parts store.
Do you remember when Señorita Tioga wanted new clearance lights. We bought brand new clearance lights for her cabover, just as Señorita Tioga requested. That was only last year, wasn't it?

Now however, Señorita Tioga wants better quality clearance lights. And she wants them to even shine brighter than the present ones!

So, when we passed this truck parts store, we found ourselves screeching to a halt and returning. Would you believe that this store was selling the exact clearance lights that Señorita Tioga already has? Wow!
Highway truck parts store.

3PM - City of Morelia.
We have crossed the state line and are now in the State of Michoacán! The City of Morelia is the state capitol of Michoacán.

The first thing that we must do here in Morelia, is find a lavandería to wash the clothes. We asked people in one home, and that got us pretty close. Two ladies told us that we are on the right street.

Now we have made a Camp just a few doors away from the lavanderia. We will likely stay the nite here, because our laundry will not be ready until around 8PM.
The lavanderia.

Our Laundry Camp.

5PM - Fish gift for supper.
On the morning that we left our Camp at the González family home, Mauricio gave us a salmon fillet as a going away gift! Isn't that the greatest thing?

This afternoon, we prepared that salmon for supper. Little Boid came down to sample the veggies in the salad. Boid doesn't eat the salad from the bowl. He rips veggies apart, then roams around the table looking for pieces to eat.
Our salmon fillet gift for supper.

Things less expensive in Morelia?
The price quoted for doing my laundry: $50 pesos [$5US]. I have been paying $150 pesos in Mexico on this trip.

As I was taking an evening walk around the neighborhood, I came upon a little unisex hair salon. While I waited for my turn for a haircut, I talked with the grandmother of the store owner who told me of her bad knees. She said that she had taken a trip to Los Angeles to visit family, but her knees ruined the trip.

After I got my haircut, I learned that the price was $25 pesos. Wow! That is sooooooo little. I told the salon lady that I wanted to pay $50 pesos. We were both happy with that price!

Prices certainly seem to be less expensive here in Morelia. I am going to try and find out why.


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