Monday, March 31, 2008

Milking at Rancho Noel.
During the morning while we were Camped at Rancho Noel, we watched as the cows were herded into the corral. It is milking time.

Little Mavicito went out to watch and captured the video below.

Boid lost his tail feathers!

A terrible thing happened yesterday. Boid was sitting on the seat back of La Señorita's passenger seat. When I returned from filling up the gasoline tank at the Pemex, I steadied myself on the seat back. I did not pay attention to Boid sitting there.

My hand must have held down Boid's tail feathers, because he flew off leaving all of his tail feathers behind! I was horrified, thinking that Boid must be in terrible pain. But Boid did not seem too bothered by this terrible event.

Boid flew over to Mr. Chips' computer monitor, and I went over there to console him. Boid jumped on to my finger, and I walked him back to the passenger seat back. He was not hurt at all. Wow!
Boid with his long tail feathers gone!

Two of Boid's tail feathers.

1PM - Our first Guatemala border.
On our Guia-Roji map of Mexico, the town of Benemerito Americas is shown right on the border of Guatemala. Some men directed us to El Rio [the river], about 1km down a dirt road.

We found people moving across the border as if it were another part of town. Just walk down to the river, and climb aboard one of the many boats waiting to ferry passengers to the other side.Border traffic via boats ferrying passengers between Guatemala and Mexico.

Señorita Tioga's view of the river border.

5PM - Our 2nd Guatemala border.
The Team is Camped alongside the Usumacinta River in the Poblado Frontera Corozol. We bought a ticket for the boat trip to visit the Ruins of Yaxchilán. The boat leaves tomorrow morning at 7AM.
La Señorita at the Usumacinta River, the border of Guatemala.

The boat ticket place charges $650 pesos for the two hour round trip from Poblado Frontera Corozol to the Ruins of Yaxchilán.
Pajaro Jaguar IV, the boat ticket place.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A quiet moment along Mexico #307.
Yesterday afternoon, Little Mavicito captured a movie that he has titled:
"River View on Mexico #307"

Little Mavicito also added another movie. This movie is in yesterday's post [03-29-2008]. It's about cattle being driven along the highway.

You may want to take a peek at this video which is titled"
"A Cattle Drive on Mexico #307"

10AM - A motorhome is a miracle!
This morning inside my miraculous Señorita Tioga, I searched for an apartment in Jerusalem, Israel. At this time, I am in email negotiation for three different apartments. Soon I will be posting some contents of this email in the new Message Board's Israel Forum.

Also this morning, I checked the air pressure of all tires, and used our on-board air compressor to add air to one tire. I took a nice warm shower in Señorita Tioga's roomy shower. Prepared a wonderful Belgian waffle breakfast! Played around with Little Boid. Published "Secrets of Blogger's Custom Domain, Part #2" in our "Weekly Story" column, .

All of this while camping for free in Mexico, just north of the border of Guatemala. Wow! Do you understand why I feel that a motorhome is a miracle?
Belgian waffle breakfast.

Our onboard supervising bird.

11AM - La Señorita has a leaking tire.
When I took Boid outside for fresh air, we saw that La Señorita's right outside dually tire looked low. It was down to 30psi. Wow! Our air compressor brought the pressure back up to 80psi.

We are now preparing to head down the road, and checked the tire pressure again. It is down to 60psi. We have a leak! La policia told us where a llantera [tire shop] was located here in la poblado.
Señorita Tioga at the llantera.

Looking for the leak.

A big screw in the dually tire!

12 Noon - Grease job.
While the owner of la llantera repaired the hole in La Señorita's tire, I noticed a sign that read "Lubrication Here." I like to get lube jobs done by mechanics, because they do it right. Not like those swift lube places. This guy has a really nice shop, with all of his tools neatly hanging from the shop walls. He has been in business for 19 years, and he is 62 years old.

During the lube job, he jacked up the right front axle so that grease would flow into the king pin! This the exactly the right thing that must be done when the grease does not flow thru a king pin assembly!

Before I paid for the tire repair and grease jobs, I estimated the price to be $150 pesos [$15US]. The price charged is $100 pesos. The mechanic is happy, and I am happy!

A Pemex gas station next to la llantera!
As La Señorita drove out from la llantera, everybody on The Team was surprised to see a Pemex gasoline pump! So far on this trip, once past the City of Comitán, gasoline has only been sold from plastic bottles!

The gasoline attendant told that the Municipal Government here in the town bought a Pemex franchise, and operates the gas station. Great idea!

As you may see in the pump pic below, the price is $7.67 pesos/liter. However, our gas tank is almost full, and we intend to just top off. But the attendant was able to squeeze in $360 pesos worth of gasoline. Man-O-Man!

Somehow this Pemex was able to cram into an almost full gas tank, 47 liters of gasoline! And La Señorita's tank only holds 136 liters. This is the magic of Mexico!
A real Pemex in Nuevo Orizaba.

The magical Pemex pump in Nuevo Orizaba.

3PM - Camped at Rancho Noel.
I was getting sleepy, and stopped several times along the highway to nap. I stayed up late again last nite playing around on the internet!

We stopped at a pullout place on the property of a rancho and held a quick Team Meeting. It was decided to ask permission to stay the nite here. We found Noel, the ranchero [owner of this ranch] attending to his cattle in the corral.

We had a nice introductory talk, and Noel gave permission to stay the nite.
Señorita on Noel's ranch.

Son Carlos, daughter Emma Elena and Ranchero Noel!

5PM - Nap time.
I was unable to publish the day's blog! Kept falling asleep. So, Boid hopped into his cage and I took the camp chair outside for a nap.

Now it is 5PM! I napped for a whole hour!
Boid in his cage, Jorge napping in his camp chair and a couple of cows.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eating right things!
For me, eating the right things is hard! I love the sweets, especially chocolate things, and chips; tortilla chips, corn chips, potato chips. All the wrong stuff.

I love fruits and vegetables too, but I have to make them easy & convenient to eat. Even when I am not really terribly hungry, I always make a fruit bowl for breakfast and a salad bowl for supper. What I don't eat, gets wrapped with Glad wrap and stored in Mr. Dometic. Somehow, I never throw out these fruit and salad bowls. They always get eaten during the day or at the following meal.

I cannot eat a whole cut-up orange and apple with my breakfast. Just too much! So, I prepare only 1/2 of each fruit and store the rest in the fridge. I've found that when the cut side of half an apple is placed against the cut side of half an orange, that the apple does not get brown. I wrap the two halves in Glad wrap, and put a rubber band around the Glad wrap to secure it.

Thanks to readers who told me about eggs.
Several readers have written over time, that my fried eggs are prepared on too high a flame. I tried lowering the flame, and the eggs look a lot better now.

Still a tiny bit of brown around the edge in the pic below.
This morning's breakfast.

Little Boid knows English.
Well, at least one word of English. That word is "Jump!" When Boid asks me for his seeds by landing on my head, I put my hand with outstretched finger up near him, and say, "Jump!" When Boid jumps on my finger, I give him his seeds.

At the beginning of teaching Boid about the word "Jump", he would still receive his seeds without jumping, but not nearly as fast. When Boid jumps on my finger after I say "Jump!" to him, he gets his seeds very fast.
This morning Boid was outside getting some fresh air.

12:30PM - Across the river into Guatemala!
No! Just kidding! We did drive down to the river though, believing that this river was the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Some guys at the river told me that the border is upstream!
Guys at the river.

Maybe we will see Guatemala soon?

5:30PM - Poblado Nuevo Orizaba.
We have made our Nite Camp in front of the police station in the Poblado de Nuevo Orizaba. We did not intend to seek protection. It was a level place with enough space.

When we saw that the police station is here, permission to park was asked and granted!
The Nuevo Orizaba police station is behind
the fence to the rear of La Señorita.

We have been needing fruit since the day after leaving the City of Comitán. It is a big surprise to find fruits and vegetables unavailable in grocery stores along the highway!

However, on the road this afternoon, we found a rancho growing ripe tangerines. Wow! The lady rancher sold us 36 tangerines for $5 pesos! [50 cents US]. Double Wow with sugar on it!
Do you see the tons of tangerines on the trees?

Upon entering Poblado Nuevo Orizaba, the first thing that struck us was the "Guatemala" sign in front of a grocery at the main intersection in town.

"Is this place in the Country of Guatemala?"
, we asked.
"No, this is Mexico. Guatemala is 30 kilometers to the south"
, said the grocery cashier.

This grocery had fruits and veggies. We got an avocado for guacamole!
The Guatemala sign and grocery.

Cattle drive along Mexico #307

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Friday, March 28, 2008

10AM - New Weekly Story.
I've just published a New Weekly Story which is titled:
" Secrets of Blogger's Custom Domain!"

If you are interested in making $money$ using Google AdSense, and you have a Blogger Blog, this story is a "must read" for you [link].

12 Noon - Just plain perfect!
I am not bragging when I write to you that my life is, "Just plain perfect!" Take this morning for example.

Here I am in the middle of this tranquel pueblo. La Señorita is parked in the town square, in front of the church. Towns people are walking thru the square, and pay little attention to us camping here. That is how it is in Mexico. We are accepted, welcomed, and it is a great thing!

But it is more! I feel so at home here, because I am home!

During this morning I worked on my new Weekly Story. Published the blog. Answered a lot of email, including two email about the apartment that I'm looking to find in Jerusalem, Israel.

I did all the usual things; took a shower, shaved, etc., prepared and ate breakfast. And of course, fed an played with Little Boid.

Just plain perfect!

VR of the town square of the Town of Nuevo San Juan Chamula.

Click the image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

Our afternoon drive east.
Little Mavicito captured some neat images along our journey today. One is a cascade that is contained in a steeply decending concrete channel. Yet, still very beautiful.
Cascade in the mountains along Mexico #307.

Little Mavicito went wild when he spotted the turquoise green river!
It's true! Little Mavicito went bonkers on first seeing the river that crosses underneath the highway bridge.
The gorgeous turquoise green river that flows under the highway bridge.

5:30PM - The Poblado Ixcan.
We have made our Nite Camp in Poblado Ixcan which is about 30 miles from last nite's Camp in Nuevo San Juan Chamula. There is a large river near here, which according to our neighbors attracts a lot of tourists.

That river appears to be the border between Mexico and Guatemala! Of course in the morning we all will go down to the river, and look at the mysterious country of Guatemala for the very first time!

Walking around Poblado Ixcan.
I went for a grocery shopping walk without Little Mavicito. Mistake! I met some very interesting people. I cannot show you pics, but here is what I saw.

Across the road from our Camp, is a little grocery store. I need some fruit and vegetables, but they have neither. This lack of fruit and veggies surprises me! And then I find that none of the other four groceries in town have any fruit or veggies for sale either.

However at one store, they have an orange tree growing in the backyard. I buy eight oranges for $2 pesos each. These oranges are still green, but guaranteed "to be sweet" by the grocery lady.

I need some purified drinking water. I usually buy drinking water in a 5-gallon plastic bottle. None may be found in any store here in town. I usually pay $7 to $9 pesos for 5-gallons of drinking water. Today I pay $10 pesos each for three 1.5 -liter bottles of "Ciel" brand pure drinking water. Very interesting!

There is a gasoline store in El Centro. This store appears to be the front room of the home behind. Tomorrow La Señorita will go down there to buy gasoline which sells for $10 pesos per liter.

In the City of Oaxaca, earlier this month, Pemex charged these prices for fuel:
  • Regular $7.07 pesos/liter
  • Premium $8.86 pesos/liter
  • Diesel $5.99/pesos/liter

10PM - The cool weather has turned warm.
Over the past week, it has been long sleeve and long pants weather. Quite cool, even during the daytime. The day before yesterday, a lady told me that soon the weather would be warm, as it usually is at this time of year.

That lady was right-on! It is now 10PM and 83°F inside La Señorita. A ceiling vent van has been ordered to replace our regular vent in the bedroom. This fan is designed to either blow air in from the outside or exhaust inside air.

We bought the fan on the internet from PPL Motor Homes in Houston, Texas. This fan is waiting for us to return to Son David's home in Concord, California!

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