Friday, March 28, 2008

10AM - New Weekly Story.
I've just published a New Weekly Story which is titled:
" Secrets of Blogger's Custom Domain!"

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12 Noon - Just plain perfect!
I am not bragging when I write to you that my life is, "Just plain perfect!" Take this morning for example.

Here I am in the middle of this tranquel pueblo. La Señorita is parked in the town square, in front of the church. Towns people are walking thru the square, and pay little attention to us camping here. That is how it is in Mexico. We are accepted, welcomed, and it is a great thing!

But it is more! I feel so at home here, because I am home!

During this morning I worked on my new Weekly Story. Published the blog. Answered a lot of email, including two email about the apartment that I'm looking to find in Jerusalem, Israel.

I did all the usual things; took a shower, shaved, etc., prepared and ate breakfast. And of course, fed an played with Little Boid.

Just plain perfect!

VR of the town square of the Town of Nuevo San Juan Chamula.

Click the image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

Our afternoon drive east.
Little Mavicito captured some neat images along our journey today. One is a cascade that is contained in a steeply decending concrete channel. Yet, still very beautiful.
Cascade in the mountains along Mexico #307.

Little Mavicito went wild when he spotted the turquoise green river!
It's true! Little Mavicito went bonkers on first seeing the river that crosses underneath the highway bridge.
The gorgeous turquoise green river that flows under the highway bridge.

5:30PM - The Poblado Ixcan.
We have made our Nite Camp in Poblado Ixcan which is about 30 miles from last nite's Camp in Nuevo San Juan Chamula. There is a large river near here, which according to our neighbors attracts a lot of tourists.

That river appears to be the border between Mexico and Guatemala! Of course in the morning we all will go down to the river, and look at the mysterious country of Guatemala for the very first time!

Walking around Poblado Ixcan.
I went for a grocery shopping walk without Little Mavicito. Mistake! I met some very interesting people. I cannot show you pics, but here is what I saw.

Across the road from our Camp, is a little grocery store. I need some fruit and vegetables, but they have neither. This lack of fruit and veggies surprises me! And then I find that none of the other four groceries in town have any fruit or veggies for sale either.

However at one store, they have an orange tree growing in the backyard. I buy eight oranges for $2 pesos each. These oranges are still green, but guaranteed "to be sweet" by the grocery lady.

I need some purified drinking water. I usually buy drinking water in a 5-gallon plastic bottle. None may be found in any store here in town. I usually pay $7 to $9 pesos for 5-gallons of drinking water. Today I pay $10 pesos each for three 1.5 -liter bottles of "Ciel" brand pure drinking water. Very interesting!

There is a gasoline store in El Centro. This store appears to be the front room of the home behind. Tomorrow La Señorita will go down there to buy gasoline which sells for $10 pesos per liter.

In the City of Oaxaca, earlier this month, Pemex charged these prices for fuel:
  • Regular $7.07 pesos/liter
  • Premium $8.86 pesos/liter
  • Diesel $5.99/pesos/liter

10PM - The cool weather has turned warm.
Over the past week, it has been long sleeve and long pants weather. Quite cool, even during the daytime. The day before yesterday, a lady told me that soon the weather would be warm, as it usually is at this time of year.

That lady was right-on! It is now 10PM and 83°F inside La Señorita. A ceiling vent van has been ordered to replace our regular vent in the bedroom. This fan is designed to either blow air in from the outside or exhaust inside air.

We bought the fan on the internet from PPL Motor Homes in Houston, Texas. This fan is waiting for us to return to Son David's home in Concord, California!

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