Tuesday, March 04, 2008

4AM - Roosters in the morning.
I am awakened to the sound of roosters crowing. I get a kick out of those rooster guys. They crow even though the Sun is hours away from dawn. Hmmmm?

8AM - Javier and the turtles!
How did my destiny bring me to meet Javier Mayo and his wife Lucy? These two, husband and wife, work tirelessly to protect turtles here along the beach in front of their home near the Town of Marquelia.

Javier drove up on his 4x4 ATV, and asked me if I would like to take photos of him releasing the baby turtles to the ocean? How did Javier know that I was carrying Little Mavicito [my camera] in my pocket?
Javier and daughter Katy releasing baby turtles on the beach.

Click video arrow to watch baby turtles rush to the ocean.

Javier has been collecting the eggs that mother turtles deposit in the beach sand for over five years. He brings them to his camping/restaurant home. There he places the turtle eggs about 15" deep into the beach sand where they live under his protection.

While Javier told me the story of his turtle protection campaign, Lucy prepared breakfast for all of us.
Javier telling me his turtle story.

Katy, Javier, Jorge and Lucy eating breakfast [L-R]

After breakfast, Lucy and her daughter Katy, went into the turtle yard, and collected another batch of newly hatched baby turtles.
The protected turtle yard.

Batch of baby turtles to be released early this afternoon.

Señorita Tioga talks with Boid.
Boid has been not too happy with being in his cage while Señorita Tioga is driving along searching for adventure. So, Boid made a deal with Señorita Tioga. Boid may be free while driving, but he has to agree to go into his cage when Jorge asks him to go.

This afternoon, Jorge asked Boid to go inside his cage so that they could go into a restaurant together. Boid hopped right in! That Boid is sooooooo smart.

Boid is getting to be really close to Señorita Tioga, and told her about his life at the pet store. Boid says that the other birds were mean to him, and chased him from the seed tray. Boid said that he was always hungry in the pet store.

Now that Boid is a member of The TiogaRV Team, he gets tons of seeds. Also, whenever Boid wants fresh seeds, he just flies on to Jorge, and stares at him. Jorge always gets the hint fast, and puts some fresh seeds in Boid's cup.

Boid is growing like a weed. His tail is sooooooo long now. And Boid's feathers are rich with color. Much more color than when we first met Boid.

Boid says, "I feel wonderful!"

2PM - Restaurant Arleth near Ometepec.
This afternoon we stopped for dinner at the Restaurant Arleth, near the Town of Ometepec. Little Mavicito and Boid accompanied Jorge inside the restaurant. One of the other patrons was eating chicken enchiladas and this looked good, so that is what was ordered.

A young boy named Gordo and his sister came over to talk to Boid and were very curious about him. Boid wanted a taster of tortilla, and Gordo fed him some of my tortilla.
Jorge's dinner with Boid looking on like a vulture!

4PM - Town of Cuajinicuilapa.
Wow! This town's name is some kind of tongue twister. I had to look at the map several times just to be able to type it!

Señorita Tioga has made her Camp in a residential neighborhood, a long block from the highway. This will be a quiet place for sleeping.
Our Nite Camp in Cuajinicuilapa.

It is soooooo warm at nite lately! We are only 16° latitude from the Earth's equator. When we look at our big Mexico map, we are amazed to find that our position is south of the northern border of Guatemala. Man-O-Man!
Click map to make it big!

6PM - Taxi to El Mercado.
Little Mavicito and I walked up to the highway, and caught a cab to El Mercado [The Market]. El Mercado is several blocks of densely packed and mostly very small shops. Everything from hardware stores to barber shops.

We are surprised to find, the more we travel south, the more people are walking without shoes. Kids, adults, lots of people are walking around in El Mercado barefoot.


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