Monday, March 24, 2008

5AM - Templo San Cristóbal.
Yesterday afternoon, The Team made a Nite Camp in the parking lot of an automobile dealership under construction. We promise the people watching the property for El Dueño [The Owner], that if they give permission to stay the nite, we will leave before 5AM. Construction workers for El Dueño arrive at 6AM.

So, we set our alarm to leave before 5AM! Driving only a short distance from our Nite Camp, we see a sign which reads "Templo San Cristóbal", with an arrow pointing diagonally up to the left. You may remember that The Team sort of "feels" its way places. We do not know why this feeling comes over us. But when it does, we feel good inside and know it's right.

Crossing over the highway, we find a narrow road climbing steeply up a hill. Although the hill is steep, Señorita Tioga barely uses any energy while climbing, the pistons of her engine pounding with unyielding power! Up, up, up we climb. Our nite view of the lights of the city growing ever greater. Señorita Tioga edges over close to the hillside, a little nervous of the steep drop on our right!

The narrow paved road has street lights. Good thing too! Because we would have been kind of scared to climb such a road as this in the darkness of nite!

Camped in the Temple's parking lot.
As the road curves to the left, the illuminated temple comes into view. There is a parking lot, and we find a level place. There are no guards to ask permission, and we make our Camp here.

Jorge goes outside, dressed in his pajamas to take a look around. The nite sky has a light cloud cover. It rained a little yesterday. The sound of many roosters crowing comes from down the hill.

The pics below were captured by Little Mavicito during our morning walk on the Temple's hilltop.
Templo San Cristóbal.

Senorita at the temple. We saw the giant Flag of Mexico
from the lowlands yesterday and wondered if we could Camp here!

2PM - Fixing the windshield.
The aluminum frame on Señorita's windshield is loose on the right side. You may recall that we recently had the windshield sealed. That repair job should have secured the frame!

We have our eyes open for a Taller de Parabrisas [windshield repair shop]. Near the east end of San Cristóbal, we find one!
The aluminum frame is not secure.

Repairman working on Señorita.

The parabrisa shop did not want to charge for the work! Can you imagine that? But we insisted and they charged us $30 pesos. [1 peso=10 cents US]

5PM - Nite Camped in the Poblado of San Francisco.
For much of this day's drive, the sky has been drizzling. Pretty cloudy too. So, Little Honda is outside working his little generator heart out to charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank.

I had to take several naps during this afternoon's drive. I was naughty last nite and stayed up late doing an internet project. Mr. Chips wants us to move our blog to our own domain []. Most of our blog pages are now on Blogger's Blogspot servers.
Nite Camp in the Poblado of San Francisco.

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