Monday, March 03, 2008

6:30AM - Breakfast in Cruz Grande.
The Pemex gas station does not have water to fill Señorita Tioga's fresh water tank. We see a man watering plants, and ask if he would fill the tank. He owns the restaurant and lives there. We have a nice conversation about my trip.

After making a pancake and egg breakfast we head out of Cruz Grande.

11AM - City of Marquelia.
I've had to take a very long nap on the way to the City of Marquelia. Last nite La Policia moving The Team to "safety", robbed me of needed sleep!

We find an Internet Cafe in Marquelia! We are sooooooo happy to see it!

2PM - Restaurant Las Delicias.
I've taken up the tradition in Mexico, of eating one main meal each day during the afternoon. I feel better since I made that move!

I found Restaurant Las Delicias in the City of Marquelia. Little Mavicito and Boid went with me to the restaurant. I ordered a guacamole with corn chips appetizer. For my dinner, 1/2 BBQ chicken with sauteed veggies.

Boid likes being in the restaurant with me, because Boid likes to see things moving around him! He also really eye-balls my food, but I resist giving him any. Boid is such a beggar!
Jorge and Boid in the restaurant.

3:30PM - La Playa.
We told the restaurant owner that we wanted to go to La Playa, and he pointed the way. Señorita Tioga was not able to park anywhere near la playa [the beach]. There are no roads to the beach. We did find a nice Camp though, and will likely stay the nite here.

As you may see from the pics below, La Playa goes on forever. Look at the view from the hill, with Señorita Tioga in the foreground! Man-O-Man!
La Playa in front of our Nite Camp.

View of our Nite Camp looking at La Playa.

Evening time:
During the afternoon, I met a family camping here at La Playa. They live in the City of Cuernavaca, in the State of Morelia [due south and not far from Mexico City].

When I wandered on to the beach this evening to look at the stars above the Pacific Ocean, this family invited me to sit and talk with them. We sat on the beach, talked and looked at the nite sky.

The weather is so gentle, that most of us were still in our bathing suits. It is not cold at all.

The family consists of grandfather and grandmother, mom and dad and three kids. We talked about stuff for about an hour.

Then it was time for me to get some sleep. I love to go to sleep listening to the sound of waves breaking against the shore!


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