Sunday, March 09, 2008

6:30AM - Diarrhea has struck hard!
You may remember that I ate chicken in a restaurant in the City of Ometepec on Tuesday, March 4th. Several hours after that meal, I got a bit sick. But it was not bad sick, just persistant. Last nite, I got bad sick. No stomach pains or fever, but I was up all nite long and in the bathroom every five minutes or so.

Yesterday in the town of San Gabriel Mixtepec, Norman the American introduced me to his friend Dr. Beto. I knocked on Dr. Beto's door this morning seeking help. After my examination, Dr. Beto prescribed Imodium and Eskapar [an antibiotic].

Wow! I never feel good when I am sick!

10AM - Traveling north.
I left San Miguel Mixtepec about 8AM, and have been traveling thru the Sierra Madre del Sur range. The road thru the mountains is pretty good, but very twisty. Señorita Tioga is averaging less than 25 miles/hour.

The mountains are covered with green forest. Sometimes pine trees are plentiful, and sometimes the mountains look like a jungle with giant leafed plants.

We stopped for awhile [Map Link] to make our Blog post. Little Boid is sitting on the computer monitor observing everything that I do.
Our Blog Post Camp in the mountains.

2PM - Sola de Vega.
We have arrived at our Nite Camp city. It is called Sola de Vega. I have found an internet store on the second story of a building over looking El Mercado.

The streets in Sola de Vega are pretty narrow. Señorita Tioga came to a place where a truck was standing on the wrong side of the street. We had to wait for this truck to back up. While we were waiting, a by-stander commented to the truck driver, "Fly above him!" But the truck backed up. Then we pulled to the side and the truck went around Señorita Tioga.

We found our Nite Camp a couple of blocks away from the Internet Store.
Sola de Vega Camp inside the town.

Feeling better.
After only two doses of my Imodium medication, I am feeling better. Not running to the bathroom so much anymore.


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