Thursday, March 06, 2008

6:30AM - First store in El Mercado to open.
The vegetable store just across from The Team's Nite Camp, is the first mercado store to open this morning. This is the same stand where the burros came to eat last nite.

Little Mavicito and I went over to talk to the men at this produce stand. We asked who owned this produce stand, and were surprised to learn that the owner is Marcello, the same person we spoke to last nite and who went to Carolina to work illegally.
Men who work at Marcello's Produce Stand in Jamiltepec.

6:30AM - Video of loud speaker in Jamiltepec.
I recorded the video below, so that you would be able to understand how different things are in Mexico, than in the USA.

The four loud speakers that you hear and see in this video, are apparently blaring out ads and information at 6:30AM. Can you imagine this happening in your neighborhood in the USA? But apparently tolerated as OK here in Mexico.

This goes in line with loud speakers mounted on cars and trucks, blaring out promotions for local business. I have seen such truck mounted speakers all over Mexico. Also blaring out early in the morning.

9AM - Internet store in Jamiltecpec.
For some reason, I am very surprised to find how popular are internet stores in Mexico. Even in the smaller towns. There were three stores in only a couple of blocks in Jamiltepec.
Our internet store in Jamiltepec.

12 Noon - City of Rio Grande.
We have made a Camp in the City of Rio Grande. SeƱorita Tioga is one block south of the highway. Closeby, we spotted two internet stores!

1PM - Mr. Datastorm.
Every time we make a Camp, Mr. Datastorm goes up to try and get us online. So far, since Mr. Datastorm died awhile back, nothing has come from these tries.

I still have hopes that as we travel north, that Mr. Datastorm will resurrect himself.

4PM - Moto Taxis.
There are a zillion little 3-wheeled moto taxis buzzing around Rio Grande. I figured to take a ride in one, to find a taqueria. I stopped one of them, and asked how much was the fare. $100 pesos the guy told me. Wow! I told him that was too much money.

I stopped another Moto Taxi and asked how much to go to the mercado, which is about three blocks away. $20 pesos! Man-O-Man!

The people who use these Moto Taxis must be rich people. However, I am NOT going to ride in one of these little things at those prices!
High priced Moto Taxis in Rio Grande.


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