Wednesday, March 19, 2008

6AM - Mr. Sunny's solar battery maintenance.
This has been the best solar battery maintenance experience that I have had so far! Everything with our recently purchased Crown Deep Cycle Batteries is excellent.

The Exide batteries that were replaced, leaked a bit. The Crown's don't leak at all, and their battery trays are dry as a bone!

The Crown Batteries are available with five different lug designs. We chose the lug design which also features a threaded terminal. Mr. Sunny only uses the threaded terminals for his battery cables. Much easier to attach multiple cables on to a threaded terminal.

We on the TiogaRV Team are addicted to tweaking. Recently we discovered a tweak that prevents battery terminal corrosion. Spraying a tiny amount of white lithium grease on to the battery terminals, stops corrosion dead! And the grease dries completely in minutes. Looks almost clear. We love this stuff!

10AM - Santiago Jiménez & family.
After a nice omelette with fried potatoes breakfast, we took off down the road. After awhile, Señorita Tioga pulled over and stopped so that we could change CD music.

We had been listening to the sound track from Clint Eastwood's "The Unforgiven." Eastwood wrote and played "Claudia's theme", for the movie. This theme is soooooo beautiful!

Then we put on the sound track for Steven Spielberg movie, "Empire of the Sun." The beginning and ending music is absolutely wonderful!

A family was standing alongside the road as we changed the CDs. We went out to talk to them. A father, mother and three kids.

It turns out that they run the hotel located there. They extended an invitation to look around the hotel grounds. Afterwards, all of us piled into Señorita Tioga for them to see inside. What a nice family!
Santiago Jiménez and family.

11AM - Penitentiary at Lazaro Cardenas.
As we came over the hill approaching the Town of Lazaro Cardenas, Little Mavicito spotted a group of very large buildings. It is the Federal Penitentiary!

We stopped and talked with a man living nearby, and asked about the huge jail. He told us, "Most of the men inside the jail are there for using drugs. Some for selling drugs. We don't like men put in jail for this kind of thing. But what can we do?"
The Federal Jail near the Town of Lazaro Cardenas.

12 Noon - Rain clouds over Cintalapa.
We are getting close to our Nite Camp town, the City of Cintalapa. The skies are looking stormy, and Señorita Tioga's windshield wipers are going as we approach this town. With about 58,000 population, Cintalapa is a good sized city.

We stop at a tiny grocery, and buy white potatoes, an avocado [for guacamole], white onions and three packs of different chocolate cookies. We are soooooo weak for the sweets!

Little Mavicito gets excited when he sees a traffic signal on the highway, and rushes out to take a pic of the entrance to Cintalapa.
Señorita Tioga at the entrance to the City of Cintalapa.

2PM - Camped across Community Development Center.
We have found our Nite Camp on a pretty level dirt road. Across this road is the Community Development Center for the City of Cintalapa.

We like the motto on the building, "Juntos es Posible" [Together it is Possible].
Together it is Possible!

4PM - Little Honda on-the-job!
When we sold Mr. Onan [4KW electric generator] about a year ago, there was some wondering if this was a good idea or not. And then, when Little Honda, our tiny 1KW generator came aboard The Team, there was wondering about that too!

But there is absolutely no doubt now. Little Honda is the perfect replacement. Little Honda is soooooo light, and he only cost $754US. Mr. Onan required $550 just to replace his burned out voltage regulator, and he was soooooo heavy!

Because of cloudy skies, Little Honda is on-the-job!
Señorita Tioga holds Little Honda's security
chain with her 3,650 lb front foot!


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