Thursday, March 27, 2008

7AM - Boid is soooooo popular.
It's true! Yesterday Boid received more email than Jorge! Isn't that something? Boid has his ways to talk to me and tell me that he wants his seeds. For example, when Boid wants to get my attention [without flying on my head], he walks back and forth on the dining table very fast. Boid never does this walking thing except for this purpose.

When Boid wants to tell me that he would like his seeds put down someplace, such as on a chair, he pecks at the chair while I am watching him. Boid loves for his seeds to be put down someplace, so that he can search and find them. Boid is a hunter-gatherer.

And of course when Boid wants his morning seeds, he lands on my head!
Boid outside singing to his boidfriends.

Central America is just around the corner!
The Team has received email that we should cross the border into Guatemala. Our good friend tgt wrote: "Damn, G! You had better go to Guatemala."

We have received email wondering if we were going to journey to El Salvador, for goodness sakes! We are pretty close to a bunch of countries in Central America. Hmmmmm?
The Team is soooooo close to Central America.

2PM - No Pemex Gas stations!
Pemex [Petróleos Mexicanos], the state owned petroleum company is not found anywhere along this highway. Instead, we find independent "gasolineras". A table, a sign offering gasoline for sale, several jugs of gasoline; and you have a gasolinera.

La Señorita used the funnel with a filter that Mr. Sunny uses for his solar batteries in order to insure no bad stuff went into her tank.
The gasolinera in Poblado Benito Juarez.

Traveling along Mexico Highway #307!

Music in the video is composed and conducted by John Williams. It is from the sound track of the fabulous Steven Spielberg film, "Empire of the Sun." A must see movie!

3PM - Nite Camped in Nuevo San Juan Chamula.
La Señorita is right behind all of the highway stores, near the church. The highway drive today was thru beautiful forest, and then thru increasingly jungle like plants.

One thing that we notice that is unusual. There are no flies here. Not for several weeks. No flies, flying insects, no mosquitoes. Hmmmmm?
Our Camp in Nuevo San Juan Chamula at sundown.

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