Sunday, March 02, 2008

7AM - Jorge is a lucky guy.
At a Team Meeting this morning, wise old Mr. Chips brought up the subject of how lucky is Jorge. Yes, we have had some Team problems lately with Mr. Datastorm. However, we are still able to share with you, and to us on The Team, our sharing goes on just as it always has!

Little Mavicito takes his pics showing where we are and what we are doing. Then, Jorge and Ms. GQ type up the story and process Little Mavicito's pics.

Although we do not get to go online and tell you everything immediately, we still feel like we are sharing when we type up our story. Then, while we are traveling, we keep our eyes open looking for "Internet" signs. So far, there are lots of tiny internet stores along our journey!

8AM - They have hi-speed internet!
This morning Ringo was watering the lawn near where Señorita Tioga is Camped at the Hotel Casa Yal'maKa'an. Ringo is the brother-in-law of hotel manager Fernando. I asked Ringo if there was an internet store nearby, and he told me that the hotel has internet for the guests.

Ringo showed me where the internet connection is located, and attached a cable to Ms. GQ. I am now online using the hotel's internet system.

It seems that no matter what happens, I seem to land on my feet. Why is that? Why am I soooooooo lucky?

10AM - The pool.
Little Mavicito and I spent a lot of time at the pool this morning. We are fascinated how the pool maintains its level, even when guests jump in. Would you like to see how that's done?
Water flows into channel behind pool to keep its level.

We love the hotel's hammock.
The hammock is in a covered area near the pool and spa. I spent a couple of hours in that hammock, mostly taking a nap!

In the pic below, Little Mavicito captured a hammock view of the pool.
View of the pool from the hammock.

12 Noon - What is Boid up to?
Boid loves to fly around inside Señorita Tioga, and most of the time, Boid is free of his cage. We have to be very careful that Boid does not fly outside, and become lost!

Boid has his favorite places. One of those places is Mr. Chips' computer monitor!
One of Boid's favorite places.

2PM - Leaving our Hotel Camp.
After eating a nice afternoon meal of garlic shrimp and refried beans, we said our goodbyes to Fernando and his wife Esmeralda. These two have been soooooo hospitable to us!

Would you believe that Little Mavicito and I forgot to take pics of Fernando and Esmeralda? Wow!

5PM - Camped in Cruz Grande.
Señorita Tioga traveled east about 45 miles. It was an exhausting trip, because the road along the way was just a bit narrow with a steep drop off. Even courageous Boid was a little nervous!

When we reached the Town of Cruz Grande, we were very happy to be here. The first thing we saw in town, was a giant flag of Mexico.

We found our Camp next to a school with open classrooms. We asked a boy practicing soccer if this was his school, and it was his school. He told us that the open classrooms are much more comfortable for students.

Of course this is true in a land so close to the Earth's equator. Can you imagine being in a classroom with walls and windows in the heat of the summer?
One of the open classrooms in Cruz Grande.

Our Camp next to the school.

1AM - La Policia come to call.
A commandante from the police knocked on Señorita Tioga's door. He told me that robbers are in this area [where we are Camped], and it is not safe here. The commandante asked me to follow him to a safe place, next to the police station.

However, the police station is alongside the highway in the center of the Town of Cruz Grande. Trucks and busses drive by where we are now Camped. Dogs are barking. It is noisy. Not possible to sleep! Man-O-Man!

People seem to want to perpetuate the idea of crime in Mexico. Even the commandante of the local police. Oh well! I will take a bunch of naps tomorrow.


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