Friday, March 14, 2008

7AM - The ruins of Mitla.
The Team spent the nite in the Town of Mitla. It was very pleasant here. However, we had to move once because a fellow in a car with his girlfriend decided to have a party near our Camp. They turned up their music way loud. So, we moved a couple of blocks away and found a nice neighborhood for sleeping. This morning we want to tour the ruins of the ancient site of Mitla.

I ask several people waiting for a bus where the ruins are located. One man tells me that he works near the ruins, and if I would kindly give him a ride, he will show me the way.

We find a very nice parking lot that appears to be constructed especially for tourists coming to see the ruins, and also for the artisan stores nearby.
The Mitla ruins parking lot.

11AM to 12 Noon - Touring the Ruins.
When Little Mavicito and I first entered the Mitla ruins, we thought that this was a small site. We took some pics, and then re-entered the museum. In the museum we spotted a picture of a room containing giant stone columns. "Where were those columns?", we asked. "Down by the palace." Wow!

Story of Mitla ruins.

Our first look at the ruins of Mitla.

The palace is an immense stone building. There must have been a huge population of Zapotecs living here in order to construct such a massive building as this!
The Palace at Mitla.

Below is the room with room with the columns. Little Mavicito loved this room, and claimed that it was his best pic of the day!
The room of columns at Mitla.

Stuff we love about Mitla.
We love how the Zapotecs designed entrance portals. Some of the courtyards led to several surrounding rooms. There is only one entrance to some of these courtyards. Maybe so that outsiders may not look at what is going on inside?

Do you see how the stone block entrance takes a corner into the courtyard?
An entrance. You may barely see into the courtyard?

When the Zapotecs lived here in Mitla, many of the walls and some ceilings were covered with painted artwork. However, when the Spanish arrived, much of this artwork was destroyed.

What a shame, because this art is so beautiful.

Zapotec artists painted walls with the artwork above.

One room in ancient Mitla had gorgeous designs. Little Mavicito went crazy in this room, snapping a ton of pics. Below are two of these pics.

Matatlan - World capital of Mezcal.
Shortly after leaving Mitla, we passed thru the Town of Matatlan. There are a ton of mezcal factories here. Little ones, big ones.

Some store-sized Mezcal factories are along the highway with signs inviting you to partake of this liquor.
Matatlan entrance sign.

Gorgeous tree with yellow flowers.
While driving thru the mountains this afternoon, Little Mavicito spotted this gorgeous yellow tree. SeƱorita Tioga stopped along the highway so that Little Mavicito could capture this tree and share it with you!
Cactus tree in the mountains.

6PM - Made a Nite Camp in El Gramal.
We passed thru the mountains where there were no suitable Camp locations. Just about Sundown, we entered the small poblado [town] of El Gramal. Our Nite Camp is on the property of a man and his brother. We asked permission to park for the nite.

P.S: Every time I start up Mr. Datastorm now, my heart is in my mouth! But he worked like a charm!

Pork loin for supper!
This evening I prepared two thin sliced pork loin for supper. The pork is fried in a cast iron skillet. Then the skillet is deglazed with Burgandy wine. Garlic salt and chopped white onion is added during deglazing. I love garlic and onion!

My vegetable is sliced zucchini, breaded and fried. A salad with tomato, squash, carrots and cilantro. Taking a slice of the pork and some of the chopped onion, wrapping in a piece of flour tortilla and dipping into the gravy made from the deglazing is heaven!

Nitecamp Location