Tuesday, March 25, 2008

7AM - Soooooo close to Guatemala.
It just does not seem to us on The Team, that we are soooooo close to Guatemala. Shouldn't there be jungle here? Monkeys and stuff? The trees around our Camp, are pine and juniper. Just like back home. Really blows our mind!

Publishing on our Vagabonders-Supreme domain.
Last nite we were able to make some changes that ended up in us now publishing the Tioga-George blog under our "vagabonders-supreme.net" domain name. If you are a geek like me, you love this kind of stuff!

Take a look at the address bar in your browser, and you may see that the address is our domain. Actually it's a sub-domain.

The next "Weekly Story" will tell how this came about, and exactly how you may do it yourself.

9AM - City of Comitán.
We left our Nite Camp in Poblado San Francisico, and headed south to the City of Comitán. Señorita Tioga went for a cruise around Comitán just to see what's what. We made one turn, and wow! That turn took us into the center of the mercado [market] where the streets are soooooo narrow! It took over an hour to get out of that place.

Little Mavicito captured the pic below showing how little room is between the street vendor's stalls and and the Señorita. The traffic was not moving, but for the few seconds that it took to take this pic, cars behind us were already honking.

We have learned to pay little attention to honking cars in Mexico. Honking is a national pastime here!
Señorita Tioga stuck in the mercado of Comitán.

12 Noon - Electronic work.
Our radio and backup camera get turned off and then turned on when the engine starter is used. This equipment is hooked up to the engine starting battery. For a long time, we have wanted the radio and backup camera powered by the house battery. The house battery is charged by Mr. Sunny's solar electric system and never goes dead. Using the engine starter would not affect the radio and backup camera if electricity came from the house battery.

We came across Milenio 2000, an electronic repair and installation store and arranged for this work to be done. The shop owner's name is Martín. There is an employee working at the shop named Eber, and he is only 12 years old! Wow!

I mentioned to Martín that it is against the law in my country for kids that young to work. "Here it is not illegal", answered Martín. Eber does not go to school. He does not like school. Martín commented [in front of Eber] that it was a bad idea for Eber to make this decision. Eber said nothing to that comment. Eber is a pretty quiet kid.

I asked Eber if it would be OK to take his pic, and he agreed. I also asked Eber to write his name so I would know how to spell it. Eber cannot write his own name! Triple Wow!

Eber earns $150 pesos each week, and works six days, same hours as everybody else. Eber gives all of his money to his Mamita [Mommy]. Martín told me that Eber is very intelligent and extremely attentive to his job.
Milenio 2000 - auto radio repair and installation shop.

Eber, 12 year old school dropout working at Milenio 2000.

4PM - The BIG hill to the market.
In order to prepare supper tonite, some veggies must be bought. We decide to ride on Mr. Trek and go shop at the outside mercado [market] that Señorita squeezed thru earlier today.

However, as we are biking there, it came clear that the mercado is down a BIG hill. Too BIG to bike up, and scary to ride down. But we decide to go anyway, thinking that we will take a taxi and return to our Camp.

Riding down the BIG hill is scary. We went down slowly using Mr. Trek's brakes all the way down to the bottom. Once at the mercado, Mr. Trek is secured by his cable to a lite pole.

We buy 3-tomatoes at one stand, some green squash at another. Here and there the stuff needed was bought. I love to shop this way! That's how we see many of the ladies here shopping; just buying what is needed for the next meal.

Taxis don't like Mr. Trek!
After shopping, we hailed a taxi. But the driver refused to take Mr. Trek. We hailed a ton of taxis, and they all refused, even one with a roof rack would not take Mr. Trek.

We even asked several people parked nearby in pickup trucks if we could pay them to take us to our Camp. Nobody accepted! But they all suggested that we use a taxi! Hmmmmm?

Hoofing it back to Camp.
So, we decide to walk up the BIG hill. As you may see in the pic below, it is really BIG. The mercado is way down below at the bottom.

While climbing this hill and pushing Mr. Trek, I got sooooo hungry, you would not believe!
Little Mavicito looks down the BIG hill.

6PM - A BIG supper.
A chicken enchilada is defrosting inside Mr. Dometic [fridge]. We bought a ripe avocado at the mercado to make guacamole. Refried beans, topped with cheddar cheese. A nice salad with cut up squash, tomatoes, radish, carrots and topped with slices of cheddar cheese!

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