Wednesday, March 26, 2008

7AM - Where are my seeds?
I hope that you are not getting tired of me posting about Boid. He is part of my life now, and so I write about what Boid is doing.

Boid and I are at a point in our relationship where he is learning to be completely unafraid of me. Each morning, Boid must fly and land on me, asking for his seeds. However, Boid looks for his seeds everywhere, before landing on me.

He looks on the dining table. On the chairs and bench seats. He looks on the window ledges. Finally, when hunger pangs drive him nuts, he lands on me.

There is method in this daily seed thing. If you see parakeets like Boid with their boidfriends in a cage, they are always messing with each other; touching each other and craving affection from each other. It is a natural thing for them.

There will come a day, when Boid wants affection from me. And then, he will love for me to touch his tummy, scratch his head and hold him in my hand. But it first begins with his asking me for his seeds, by voluntarily landing on me. It has to be his idea, not mine.
Boid looks for his seeds on the chair.

Apartment in Jerusalem.
Looking in Craigslist [online classified ad website], I've located an apartment in Abu Tor, an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem. Christine, a friend of mine who lives in Jerusalem is advising me about this apartment.

The price is 2800NIS [NIS=new Israeli sheckels, 1 sheckel=$.285US], about $798/month. Adnan Diab, the apartment owner has been writing to me in English.

Very exciting!

Apartment in Jerusalem.

1PM - Heading east on Mex 307.
Late this morning, we left the City of Comitán. On the way out of Comitán, La Señorita filled her propane tank. We do not know what facilities are to be found in this part of Mexico, so close to the border of Guatemala!

La Señorita turns left on Mex 307, a 2-lane highway in good condition. As we approach the Pueblito de El Progresso, Little Mavicito spots a lot of clouds ahead of us. We stop to take a pic of these clouds.

If the clouds remain in the morning tomorrow, Little Honda will be on-the-job again!
Big clouds ahead.

2PM - Maya City of Chinkultic.
On our Guia-Roji map of Mexico, we spot the Maya ruins of Chinkultic. We definitely want to see these ruins. At the turn-off road, a young guide hales us, and we decide to engage him.

Our guide is 12-year old Yolani. Unlike Eber who you met yesterday at the radio shop in Comitán, Yolani continues in school. From his knowledge of the ruins and of the Maya of Chinkultic, Yolani must be a very good student!
Yolani our guide.

Yolani told me that the Maya ruins of Chinkultic were 12km away. We passed a gate where $20 pesos was paid to the landowner to drive across his property.

Chinkultic ruins.
We came to another gate which is the entrance to Chinkultic ruins. This fenced land is National Park property. Another $35 pesos to enter the Park. Señorita stayed in a grass covered parking area and Yolani led me down a paved stone path constructed by the Maya who lived here so many years ago.

We came to a grass field where Yolani told of assemblies being held. Also a ball game was played here as well.

Can you imagine being here when Mayans filled these stone bench seats?

The pyramid is the climax to this ancient Chinkultic site. But first we have to climb up the mountain where the path gets so very steep. I had to stop about every 10 steps to catch my breath!

We came to the pyramid, which Yolani explained was a temple. Sacrifices to the Mayan gods were made here. Those to be sacrificed were placed on one of two high stone tables in front of the pyramid shaped temple. Here those to be sacrificed spent their last moment on Earth.

We climbed the steep narrow steps of the temple. From the top of the temple, the view is spectacular!

Do you see the two stone tables below the temple where the sacrifices were made?

As we walked back to where La Señorita was parked, Yolani told me of Lagunas de Montebello, about 9 km to the east. Yolani said that we would be able to camp overnite at Lagunas de Montebello. And close to the water too! Yolani also said that this place was safe for the tourists.

Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello.
We said goodbye to Yolani, and paid him $50 pesos for his service. Yolani gives this money to his Papa. He also told me that he usually guides three tourists each day. Then we continued east on the road to Lagunas de Montebello.

Everybody on The Team was soooooo happy to find that this National Park is within a gorgeous forest. The forest is soooooo green, and filled with pine and spruce trees. After paying an entrance fee of $20 pesos, we found our Nite Camp.

As you may see in the pic below, our Camp is above the water. We are the only people staying here tonite. It is one of the very few boondock Camps that we have made inside Mexico on this journey.

The country of Guatemala is only a few miles away!
Our boondock Camp at Lagunas de Montebello.

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