Thursday, March 13, 2008

8:30 - The Pemex gas station.
We have made our Breakfast Camp in a large Pemex gas station along the highway southeast of Oaxaca. Upon entering the station, Little Mavicito and I spotted a sign that cracked us up.

Here is the sign in the pic below. What do you think it means? [Clue: Pasto=grass]
Guess what this sign means?

Many readers wondered about the price of gasoline in Mexico. So, here are the prices. I don't pay attention to conversions to gallons anymore.
  • Regular $7.07 pesos/liter
  • Premium $8.86 pesos/liter
  • Diesel $5.99/pesos/liter
Pemex pump near Oaxaca.

Pemex employee wages.
I got to talking with one of the guys working at this Pemex. He worked for awhile at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles as a cook. He told me that Pemex pays him $900 pesos a week.

Note: Non-skilled workers in Oaxaca only earn $500 pesos/week (1 peso = ± 10 cents US) ].

10AM - Don't see this much.
Señorita Tioga was flying down the highway at her customary 45 miles/hour, when Little Mavicito shouted, "Go back, go back!"

So, we went back and Little Mavicito captured two oxen pulling a plow!

We don't see scenes like this much anymore!
Oxen drawn plow.

12 Noon - Yagul Archaeological Site.
We came to a sign noting Yagul, a nearby archaeological site. We just had to go there and take a peek! Yagul is 1KM north of the highway.
Entrance to the Yagul site.

As Little Mavicito and I began our tour, the man in charge of the site followed us and opened "Triple Tomb" for us to see.

Access to Triple Tomb is thru a horizontal door and down several stone stairs. It is sort of damp down inside the tomb.
One of three vaults inside Triple Tomb.

On the southwest part of the site, is a tomb that is decorated with gorgeous rock inlaid into the tomb's front wall.
Southwest tomb.

Do you remember "The Ball Court" at the Monte Albán site? There is a ball court here at Yagul, but it is much smaller. Also, instead of bench seating for the fans as at Monte Albán, an inclined ramp is for observing the match.

Do you see the round stone in the center of the court? That's where the ball is placed at the beginning of a point!
The Ball Court at Yagul.

The pic below appears to be where the town's big wigs watched the Ball Court match. It looks down at the court from high up.
The 'box seat' section at Yagul.

Would you believe that they plastered the walls of buildings back in the old days of Yagul? In the pic below, Little Mavicito captures a pic of several plastered rooms.
Buildings with plastered walls.

The working class people lived and labored in the fields below the stone Yagul site. The rich families lived up on the hill in the stone buildings.

Seeing Yagul thru Google Earth.
Mr. Chips, our wise old desktop computer recommends that you look at the Yagul Site using Google Earth. Click here to Google Earth the Yagul site

If you have not used Google Earth before, put your mouse pointer in the upper right corner where the compass is located. Then play around with horizontal and vertical controls.

You may move the entire Google Earth image by placing your pointer on the image, click-hold with your mouse. Then move the pointer.

HughesNet modem went down again.
I am dismayed to report to you, that my HughesNet HN7000S modem that was only purchased new some weeks ago, went down again and became unregistered. Fortunately, I now know the drill and am able to get the modem re-registered without delay.

I am now back online. However, I am very enthusiastic to find out why the Datastorm D3 Controller and this HughesNet HN7000S modem are not working correctly.

I purchased both of these devices from the Motosat Corporation of Salt Lake City, Utah.

4:30PM - Nite Camped in the Town of Mitla.
Señorita Tioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in Mitla. Our Camp is on a street parallel to the highway, but hopefully far enough from the highway for nice sleeping!

Nitecamp Location