Sunday, March 23, 2008

8AM - Boid has the whole place clean!
It's true! Because of Boid, Señorita Tioga is now cleaner than ever before.

Boid visits many places during his day. Every where that Boid goes, he leaves his tiny "Boid's been here" messages. Each morning, I've been cleaning up these messages. As a result, the place is soooooo clean! You would not believe!
Boid watches as Jorge prepares this blog post.

9AM - The Great ShoutBox vs Message Board Controversy!
You may have noticed that we have a Tioga George Message Board now. The link to this Message Board is at the bottom of our daily blog posts.

Well, this new Message Board has sparked a big controversy. Are we going to keep the ShoutBox now that we have the Message Board? So this morning, wise old Mr. Chips called for a Team Meeting to discuss the matter. As you may recall, it was Mr. Chips who conceived of the Message Board in his mighty computer brain.

Everybody on The Team had something to say. Even Mr. Dometic, who usually sits stoically silent at Team Meetings, voiced his opinion that there is a place for both ShoutBox and Tioga George Message Board.

Mr. Dometic concluded his position stating, "ShoutBox is visible from the blog, and very easy to use. Message Board is very versatile, offering private messaging, email communication between readers. And especially important, Message Board has no 300 character length limit as does ShoutBox.

We should keep both ShoutBox and Message board!"

So, we had a Team Vote, and it was decided to keep both!
Our TiogaRV Team is soooooo cool!

A few words from Benjamin Franklin!
You may have read in my Values & Goals pages, how influential the autobiography of venerable Benjamin Franklin has been in my life. I used Franklin's own list of values as a template to create my own values.

My values have been soooooo important in my life. Without them, I do not believe that I would be typing this post to you this afternoon!

Perhaps you would like to read Benjamin Franklin's autobiographical chapter titled, "Rules of Conduct" yourself? I've scanned this chapter to my website.

It is a gift from me to you!
Click [Here] to begin reading "Rules of Conduct."
[There are 8-double pages in all.]

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