Saturday, March 15, 2008

A bird visits Boid.
Yesterday while we were Camped in the Poblado of Mitla, a bird perched on Mr. Trek. This sometimes has happened in the past. For some reason, birds are not able to see thru the rear window, and I have had the opportunity to view these perching birds at only a few meter's distance.

Today when a bird perched, I was not alone. Boid saw this bird and went a little bonkers. Boid tweeted, jumped and flew up and down near the window.

Boid has adopted the window as his new favorite perch. There, he patiently waits for his bird acquaintance to return.
Boid waiting for his bird friend.

Keeping Boid's perching places clean.
As you may imagine, Boid is not potty trained. Where he is, that is where he goes. Each morning I clean up after Boid. Things are sooooooo clean now! You would not believe.

Boid is a hunter-gatherer. He looks for food everywhere. It is in Boid's blood, and he cannot stop searching for things to nibble.

When Boid adopted his window perch, he began to search around for food. Nibbling here and there. What Boid found is dust because I had not kept that place clean! Man-O-Man!

So, this morning I spent time cleaning up the window perch. Boid is extra work, but I would not be without him now!

Going east this summer.
Do you remember that we promised to go east this summer? Hmmmmm?

Well, we are! But maybe just a bit farther east than promised. We are thinking about the Middle East, as in Jerusalem, Israel.

The thinking is, to go to Israel for three months. Maybe June, July and August. Little Mavicito and Ms. GQ have volunteered to go with me. Aren't those two the greatest?

We would continue to do our daily Tioga-George Blog from Israel. Same as now. However of course, MsTioga will remain in the USA and wait patiently for us to return.

My cousin Jacky and I have talked about going to visit Israel together for a long time. We have relatives who live in Israel, and we would be able to visit them together! Cousin Jacky is not as as adventuresome as I am. So, I would go first, rent an apartment and meet her at the airport in Tel Aviv.

Perhaps my sons, David and Joseph will visit with me in Israel too!

9AM - Goodbye El Gramal.
We said goodbye to our host, Abel Jimenez Luz and his wife. Both of them are sooooooo interested in where The Team went in Mexico and about our home in the USA .

In the pic below, Abel looks very stern and perhaps unfriendly. However, as I may have mentioned before, the custom in Mexico seems to be that men do not smile in photos. In fact, Abel is a very warm and friendly fellow!
Abel Jimenez of Gramal, Mexico.
Listening to river music in the mountains of Mexico.
I love to listen to music when driving. Our XM radio is out of range now. The Team is too far south to receive the XM signal. So, I have been listening to CDs. I have a ton of music on board Señorita Tioga.

Music by Air Supply was playing, and that got me to thinking about when I used to run whitewater rivers.

From 1977 to 1983, my son David and I were addicted whitewater river runners. We ran many rivers in California. The Stanislaus, South Fork American, Klamath, Russian, East Fork Carson and many more. Our favorite was the Rogue River in southwest Oregon. We ran the Rogue perhaps 2-3 dozen times. The last time in 2004!

Sometimes we would go out to just look at a river. We are both haunted by waters! While driving to a river, David and I would listen to music. We called it "River Music." David would make tapes of rock-n-roll songs with printed computer labels on the cartridge tape case. We played songs of The Eagles, Air Supply, America, Bee Gees, Little River Band. I still have some of those "River Runner" tapes onboard with me now!

My life has been and continues to be fabulous. I've had such marvelous times thru the years. I am a very lucky guy!

In the pic below, I am on my second river trip. This time with my family. On top is my then-wife Evie, son Joseph and me with son David on the bottom.
July, 1977: On California's Klamath river with Bill McGuiness' Whitewater Voyages!

Fluffy tree in the mountains.
For two days we drove in the mountains on Highway #190, a twisty road going up and down mountain after mountain. We traveled thru these mountains from the Town of Mitla [03-13-2008] to just before reaching Tehuantepec [03-15-2008].

Today while in the mountains, we saw a tree with white fluffy balls. We passed many such trees. Finally, Little Mavicito could stand it no more, and asked Señorita Tioga to stop so that he could capture this tree.
Tree with fluffy white balls.

Map of our travels over the past 13 days.

Changing oil.
Señorita Tioga had her oil last changed in Tepic, only 1,482 miles ago. That was at the Ford dealer, in Tepic on February 1st. However, the oil looks dirty, and we have decided to change oil when it looks dirty, regardless of the mileage.

By the way, when Ford worked on Señorita Tioga's engine repairing the coolant leak, they also somehow repaired the engine oil leak too. We don't know how they stopped the oil leak. But now the engine uses no oil. When the oil leaked, it spotted the ground where we parked and the bottom of the engine look very oily.

This afternoon, we are looking to find an oil changing place, and spotted one in the City of Tehuantepec. We paid $310 pesos for the change. Engine oil is very costly in Mexico. Even at the WalMarts in Mexico, engine oil sells for $35 pesos per quart. [$1 peso = 10 cents US].
Señorita Tioga at the oil changing place.

5PM - Nite Camped in the City of Juchitán.
Our Nite Camp is on a less traveled street. It is quiet here except for the huge firecrackers going off all over the city because of the Semana Santa religious celebration. The explosions startle me, but Boid seems not bothered!

We are in a slight pickle of a problem. Señorita Tioga is low on propane. Unless we are able to find a propane place that is open on Sunday, we should remain here in the City of Juchitán until Monday. This is the last large city for many miles. If we run out of propane, Mr. Dometic our hardworking fridge will stop cooling!

If we remain here in Juchitán, Mr. Sunny has asked for his solar panel's cable connections to be checked. This will be an interesting job, because these connections are inside of junction boxes located on the "bottom" of the panels!

Nite Camp Location