Monday, March 31, 2008

Milking at Rancho Noel.
During the morning while we were Camped at Rancho Noel, we watched as the cows were herded into the corral. It is milking time.

Little Mavicito went out to watch and captured the video below.

Boid lost his tail feathers!

A terrible thing happened yesterday. Boid was sitting on the seat back of La Señorita's passenger seat. When I returned from filling up the gasoline tank at the Pemex, I steadied myself on the seat back. I did not pay attention to Boid sitting there.

My hand must have held down Boid's tail feathers, because he flew off leaving all of his tail feathers behind! I was horrified, thinking that Boid must be in terrible pain. But Boid did not seem too bothered by this terrible event.

Boid flew over to Mr. Chips' computer monitor, and I went over there to console him. Boid jumped on to my finger, and I walked him back to the passenger seat back. He was not hurt at all. Wow!
Boid with his long tail feathers gone!

Two of Boid's tail feathers.

1PM - Our first Guatemala border.
On our Guia-Roji map of Mexico, the town of Benemerito Americas is shown right on the border of Guatemala. Some men directed us to El Rio [the river], about 1km down a dirt road.

We found people moving across the border as if it were another part of town. Just walk down to the river, and climb aboard one of the many boats waiting to ferry passengers to the other side.Border traffic via boats ferrying passengers between Guatemala and Mexico.

Señorita Tioga's view of the river border.

5PM - Our 2nd Guatemala border.
The Team is Camped alongside the Usumacinta River in the Poblado Frontera Corozol. We bought a ticket for the boat trip to visit the Ruins of Yaxchilán. The boat leaves tomorrow morning at 7AM.
La Señorita at the Usumacinta River, the border of Guatemala.

The boat ticket place charges $650 pesos for the two hour round trip from Poblado Frontera Corozol to the Ruins of Yaxchilán.
Pajaro Jaguar IV, the boat ticket place.

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