Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dogs and burros.
During last nite, the dogs of the Town of Cuajinicuilapa are very active around our Nite Camp. They bark at everything that walks by or makes a noise. There are some burros that live in the neighborhood, and the dogs make life miserable for these burros.

The dogs see a burro and chase it. The burro is much bigger than the dogs, and has nice hoofs for fighting. But the burro runs away, and the dogs chase it. Wise old Mr. Chips says, "The dogs chase a burro because it runs away. If the burro did not run, the dogs would not chase it!"

And Little Mavicito said, "I wish that the burros would kick those dog's butts!" Wow!

9AM Internet access store.
There are two internet stores in El Mercado neighborhood of Cuajinicuilapa. So far, I've found that the internet stores in Mexico have pretty high speed connections.

This store is very modern inside. All of the computer tables have glass tops and nice looking 17" Acer monitors. Nearly all of the internet stores charge $10 pesos/hour [$1US].

I have no problem hooking up Ms. GQ to the stores network cable and plugging in to the 120 volt AC electric power.
Internet store in Cuajinicuilapa.

Goodbye Guerrero, Hello Oaxaca!
As Señorita Tioga drove along the highway, suddenly, there it was. A sign telling us that we had come to the state border.

We are leaving the State of Guerrero and entering the State of Oaxaca!
Guerrero-Oaxaca state border.

1PM - Nite Camped in Pinotepa.
The Team has made a Nite Camp in the City of Pinotepa. There is a National Park somewhere around here, but I don't feel like finding it. It may have been that orange looking chicken that I ate in the city of Ometepec. Who is able to tell about these things. But I will need a few hours to recover and feel normal again.

3:30PM - We break our Pinotepa Camp.
Something about Pinotepa was not right. The air did not smell good. Maybe the smell is vehicle exhaust fumes? Even Little Boid was feeling mopey.

We had a Team Meeting, and it was voted to break Camp and move on.

5PM - New Nite Camp in Jamiltepec.
As Señorita Tioga headed east, she was also climbing steadily into the hills. We arrived in the Town of Jamiltepec, and spotted a very large building with a nice parking area. It is the Municipal Market!

We have made our Nite Camp here at the market. We are at an elevation of 1,577 feet. Little Mavicito is able to see a zillion miles from here. Even the XM radio is working. XM had not been able to find the signal for a couple of days probably because we are at such a low latitudef and so close to the Earth's equator.
Gorgeous view from El Mercado in Jamiltepec.

6PM - Girls searching the garbage.
From inside Señorita Tioga, I watched the closing down of El Mercado. A lot of bad fruit and vegetables are carried to the garbage area close to our Camp.

Some ladies walk to the garbage, and begin to cull thru, looking for anything good. Four girls arrive, and begin also looking thru the garbage. Little Mavicito takes a pic of the girls looking in the garbage.

I go outside to ask an older girl what is going on?

Jorge: "Why are the girls in the garbage?"

Older girl: "It is for the chickens."

Jorge: "Some of the girls are eating the vegetables."

Older girl: Smiles and laughs at my comment. But she says nothing.
Girls culling the garbage.

Working illegal in America.
Several young men drift over to look at Señorita Tioga. These men are interested in talking to me. After I answer the questions about where I come from, where I am going, etc., I ask if any of them have ever worked in the United States.

One of them has worked in America. His name is Marcello and he looks a little older than the rest of the men.

Jorge: "Have any of you ever worked in the United States?"

Marcello: "I worked in Carolina." [He did not say north or south]

Jorge: "What kind of work did you do?"

Marcello: "I washed dishes."

Jorge: "How much per hour?"

Marcello: "$4/hour."

Jorge: "It is against the law to pay only $4/hour."

Marcello: "Yes, but that's what they pay somebody without papers."

Jorge: "How long did you work in Carolina?"

Marcello: "18 months."

Jorge: "Did you have to pay a coyote to cross the border?" [a person who traffics in illegal workers].

Marcello: "Yes, I used a coyote."

Jorge: "How much did you pay the coyote?"

Marcello: "Almost $2,000 US."

Jorge: "Was it worth it?"

Marcello: "No, I did not earn enough. When I returned here to my home, I had less than when I went north."

11PM - Two burros go to El Mercado.
When I got up from bed to drink some juice, a little burro walked by Señorita Tioga. Little Mavicito and I watched as these two little burros snacked vegetables stored under a tarp next to the market building.

We went outside to capture a pic of this feast. One burro was cautious, and shied away.
A little burro stealing vegetables at El Mercado.


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