Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eating right things!
For me, eating the right things is hard! I love the sweets, especially chocolate things, and chips; tortilla chips, corn chips, potato chips. All the wrong stuff.

I love fruits and vegetables too, but I have to make them easy & convenient to eat. Even when I am not really terribly hungry, I always make a fruit bowl for breakfast and a salad bowl for supper. What I don't eat, gets wrapped with Glad wrap and stored in Mr. Dometic. Somehow, I never throw out these fruit and salad bowls. They always get eaten during the day or at the following meal.

I cannot eat a whole cut-up orange and apple with my breakfast. Just too much! So, I prepare only 1/2 of each fruit and store the rest in the fridge. I've found that when the cut side of half an apple is placed against the cut side of half an orange, that the apple does not get brown. I wrap the two halves in Glad wrap, and put a rubber band around the Glad wrap to secure it.

Thanks to readers who told me about eggs.
Several readers have written over time, that my fried eggs are prepared on too high a flame. I tried lowering the flame, and the eggs look a lot better now.

Still a tiny bit of brown around the edge in the pic below.
This morning's breakfast.

Little Boid knows English.
Well, at least one word of English. That word is "Jump!" When Boid asks me for his seeds by landing on my head, I put my hand with outstretched finger up near him, and say, "Jump!" When Boid jumps on my finger, I give him his seeds.

At the beginning of teaching Boid about the word "Jump", he would still receive his seeds without jumping, but not nearly as fast. When Boid jumps on my finger after I say "Jump!" to him, he gets his seeds very fast.
This morning Boid was outside getting some fresh air.

12:30PM - Across the river into Guatemala!
No! Just kidding! We did drive down to the river though, believing that this river was the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Some guys at the river told me that the border is upstream!
Guys at the river.

Maybe we will see Guatemala soon?

5:30PM - Poblado Nuevo Orizaba.
We have made our Nite Camp in front of the police station in the Poblado de Nuevo Orizaba. We did not intend to seek protection. It was a level place with enough space.

When we saw that the police station is here, permission to park was asked and granted!
The Nuevo Orizaba police station is behind
the fence to the rear of La Señorita.

We have been needing fruit since the day after leaving the City of Comitán. It is a big surprise to find fruits and vegetables unavailable in grocery stores along the highway!

However, on the road this afternoon, we found a rancho growing ripe tangerines. Wow! The lady rancher sold us 36 tangerines for $5 pesos! [50 cents US]. Double Wow with sugar on it!
Do you see the tons of tangerines on the trees?

Upon entering Poblado Nuevo Orizaba, the first thing that struck us was the "Guatemala" sign in front of a grocery at the main intersection in town.

"Is this place in the Country of Guatemala?"
, we asked.
"No, this is Mexico. Guatemala is 30 kilometers to the south"
, said the grocery cashier.

This grocery had fruits and veggies. We got an avocado for guacamole!
The Guatemala sign and grocery.

Cattle drive along Mexico #307

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