Sunday, March 16, 2008

How can you afford to live in Israel for 3-months?
Some readers wrote questioning my ability to afford to live in Israel for three months.

We had a Team Meeting about that subject. And, it was decided that the costs to live in Israel are less than driving around in MsTioga.
Old City Jerusalem's Tower of David seen from Hinnom Valley.
Photo Credit: Wikepedia

Note: In yesterday's blog post we announced plans to live in Israel for 3-months this summer.

3PM - The Wal*Mart.
This morning we took off for the beach. However, somebody told us the wrong way to go to the beach. We asked a lot of people for directions, and received conflicting instructions.

After a couple of hours looking around, we got to talking with a man about the beach. During this conversation we mentioned about needing propane, and he told us where a propane station was open. So, we followed his directions, which were wrong! Hmmmmm?

Anyway, we finally found the propane place, and it was closed! Double hmmmmm?

Now we are back in Juchitán where we started. Only it took us 28 miles and some hours to get here. We are typing this post from the Wal*Mart parking lot. This place is called Bodega Aurrera, but it is really a Wal*Mart. We're going to load up on fruit juice here.

6PM - Popped a tire.
I made an incorrect right turn. Did not go wide of a curb that had a broken sharp corner. Popped Señorita Tioga's right dually.

Do you get the impression that The Team is not supposed to be leaving the City of Juchitán soon? The laundry could not do our clothes Saturday. We could not find the propane place today, until it was closed. And now the popped tire.

The message seems to be, if you try to leave, you will be stopped. Hmmmmm? So, tomorrow we will getting our laundry done, filling up the propane thank and buying a new tire!
The screwdriver shows the hole in Señorita Tioga's dually.


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